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itstommygun t1_j4qywi8 wrote

Is there there a whole group for this kind of thing? You join the group and when your special person that you would love to give a kidney for is able to get one, you then donate to someone else in the group.


8557019 t1_j4r7kza wrote

Yes! It's called paired donation (sometimes also called a chain donation)! I wish more people knew about it. You can give without being a match.


bazpoint t1_j4rhosd wrote

Even better I believe there is a system that can set up circular trades, so if the circumstance occurs where donor A wants to donate to recipient A but is incompatible, donor A instead donates to recipient B who also has an incompatible donor, & if B's donor is incompatible with recipient A, they donate to recipient C, and so on and so forth until donor F or whatever is compatible with recipient A and so completes the loop.

The system is even better in that an altruistic donor with no specific recipient can help not just one person, but potentially unlock chain of donations helping change the lives of multiple recipients.

I heard a podcast about it a couple of years ago... unfortunately I can't remember which it was, but if it comes to me I'll post it here.

edit: Ah, found it - it was Freakonomics: was also not a couple of years ago, but 7 years ago, almost to the day, which makes me feel ollllllllld 😭