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justwant_tobepretty t1_j4r4z94 wrote


Sasquatchjc45 t1_j4rcbw8 wrote

No it's true, it's just that they value their own lives and nobody else's.


OuidOuigi t1_j4reiuk wrote

Ahh yeah average redditor stereotyping. Do you get paid for the division? And I shouldn't have to say I'm not a republican just tired of children who want to divide people with common goals.


justwant_tobepretty t1_j4rg7eu wrote

I get paid in cash, catgirls, femboys and right wing tears. I'm so glad to have come across a 'not a Republican' though! Please do tell, which of your views aren't right wing? Maybe we have something in common? Like a self sufficient, armed and independent local community?