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ialsoagree t1_j4r7084 wrote

If you'd like to do something similar, you can sign up for a bone marrow registry. It's very quick and easy, usually done entirely through the mail.

I've been on one for years. They say most people will never get called but you could be helping save someone's life!


owls_unite t1_j4r803n wrote

Do I need a box for the marrow or is a padded envelope enough?


CalebKrawdad t1_j4resb6 wrote

I donated marrow , I would be highly impressed if you could collect it, and send it yourself!


hummingbird_mywill t1_j4rcqwh wrote

Huh? They send you a kit and you swab inside your mouth and send it back to them according to the instructions. In the US it’s In Canada it’s at Not sure about other countries.


owls_unite t1_j4rdl18 wrote

I was making a stupid joke, sorry. >! Since OP said it was easy to do, as it was done via mail these days. !< Thank you for dropping the links!


thebauzzo t1_j4rdktf wrote

Jup. And usually you'll get a kit to get blood drawn by your doctor for more detailed typing if needed


hummingbird_mywill t1_j4rd0ns wrote

Yes! I’m on this too. I’ve been on the list in Canada for 16 years and haven’t been contacted yet, and recently on the US list. I tell everyone too!

US: Canada:


randommusician t1_j4ssofz wrote

I actually did get called once but there was another match and they ended up using them instead. So even if you get called it's not a guarantee you'll be asked to give, and for most people it's a one day ordeal, which they cover you are not responsible for the medical bells. Well worth it, and completely free to sign up!


ialsoagree t1_j4sxxdc wrote

My understanding is that if you get called, you'll go for additional testing and most people won't match or won't be the best match after additional testing.

I think less than 1 in 100 are asked to donate. But you never know if it'll be you!


camik27 t1_j4s9m7d wrote

And anyone of mixed race is especially encouraged to sign up for potential donation!