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Astavri t1_j4rp35n wrote

Paired organ donation is what it's called.

The only living donor without benefit is an alturistic kidney donor. They, nor their family receive anything for it, so they don't do a kidney exchange, they just give a kidney.

This article is a bit misleading or unclear, im not sure if his daughter received a kidney from a deceased donor or a living one or if it was a "paired match" type of donation as you mentioned.

It sounds like his daughter got a kidney, and he, after, decided to be an alturistic donor. But I'm not sure.

Edit: looks like it was a living donor scheme so exactly as you said with matching other families. He was doing it in exchange for his daughter. Not to be pessimistic but he did it for a reason. Someone gave his daughter a life changing present and he gave them a life changing present.

Very very few living donors are allturistic ones.

I don't know why but I read up on the most random things.