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Fdashboard t1_j4tonv8 wrote

Who ends up paying for all of this? I've been interesting in becoming a donor, but was wondering if I should switch to a better insurance beforehand.


theskypebandit t1_j4tr4zc wrote

The testing in my case was paid for by the organization doing the testing. Typically the recipients insurance pays for everything in the hospital and any medication needed (pain was minimal, literally just was taking Tylenol) I didn’t have to pay for anything at all for my hospital stay except the place I stayed in while recovering after discharge and that was of my own choice. I didn’t even have to tell my insurance. The other thing I forgot to mention is that they require you to stay within roughly a half hour of the hospital in case you have complications. Typically the organization will help you find somewhere to stay/offer you a place to stay for cheap.