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Astavri t1_j4uzdiz wrote

It's funny one of the most rare things happens to be on reddit in the same comment chain, someone's mother, and two people themselves.

It's internet so forgive me for my skepticism.

Your history shows talking about personality disorders and anxiety/depression. I don't think they would have let you donate, but I don't let false information fill my mind.


kookiemaster t1_j4v9rwc wrote

If you are so curious the depression was about 10 years in remission when I donated. If you have active depression sure, likely not possible to donate, but a history of depression isn't a full on counter-indication. I was honest with the psychiatrist about it. The depression was sort of linked to having a schizoid personality and actually understanding how my personality was built did wonders to deal with the depression; enough to get off meds and therapy.

It is true that PDs are kind of permanent but they are only a "disorder" so long as they really impact your functioning. There was a time when it did, but when I donated, it didn't. If you can live independently, work, support yourself and have a reasonably stable life, despite being mostly a loner and preferring solitary activities, I was very happy and content when I donated.

Back then psychiatrist doing the assessment asked me why I wanted to donate, and about things like mood, sleep, etc. I think they want to ensure people realize what donation entails and that your motivation is not linked to a mental disorder.

And well, the anxiety is recent. A derecho hit our city, and to massive trees fell on our house. The follow-up chaos sent me in to an anxiety spiral. I mean, I've been a worrier all my life but only for certain things. House getting destroyed is one of them. So yeah, fun times. But much better now.

And for what it's worth, there is a pretty big Reddit community related to transplants (donors and recipients), to share info on the process, etc.