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twirlingbunny t1_j6dy5j5 wrote

Are you interested in being a live organ donor? My baby daughter needs a transplant.

Meet Matilda! This beautiful girl, who is almost 2 years old now, was born with kidney disease. Matilda needs a kidney transplant to make her better.

Every night, Matilda is hooked up to a dialysis machine to remove toxins from her body. This machine does the job that a healthy baby's kidneys would do, although not as well. You see, Matilda was born with multicystic dysplastic kidney disease, which prevented the normal development of both of her kidneys. She is basically living life with no kidney function. She will need multiple transplants in her lifetime for her to live a long, healthy life.

Anyone living in the United States can be a kidney donor for Matilda. A living donor's kidneys work longer and better than those from a deceased donor. And now, Matilda is old enough to accept a kidney from an adult donor.

Even if you aren't an exact match to donate your kidney to Matilda directly, there is a program that allows Matilda to benefit if you donate a kidney to one of the many kidney patients that are in need of a transplant. It is a voucher program that will put Matilda to the top of the recipient list, if you donate in her name. And, just think, in this way, you are actually helping to save two people who have kidney disease.

And yes, you can live a healthy, normal life after donation. Many people in this world have only one kidney and most never even know it! Please donate your spare kidney to Matilda or one of her many friends who are children in need of a transplant.

Interested in getting tested to be a living kidney donor? It's totally free! Remember, if you aren't a perfect match for Matilda, she can still get a kidney through the voucher program if you donate in her name.

Donating your kidney today will bless Matilda with a long, healthy life.

Contact Mom (Molly) DM and See if you can donate @