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ContentSherbert934 t1_j4ton4t wrote

If anyone was wondering, this creature naturally has no dorsal fin rather than the fin being cut off on porpoise.


ryuk888 t1_j4u5kcv wrote

Hey since no one is addressing it, I just want to let you know that you made me exhale from my blow hole harder than average


Throwaway021614 t1_j4u2z28 wrote

Douglas Adams would be proud


chocolounge_eva t1_j4v9i68 wrote

Unfortunately the Baji - the dolphin Douglas Adams wrote about in "Last Chance To See" - is supposed to be extinct since 2007 (according to Wikipedia)


Tricanum t1_j4vsmbk wrote

Freaky. I just finished watching an episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo last night titled 'Yangtze River Dolphin'. No doubt Attorney Woo would be very pleased to hear this news.


serendrewpity t1_j4t8i34 wrote

Beautiful creatures and sad the dolphin to the porpoise died off


B_lintu t1_j4w4qh2 wrote

What is the porpoise of having no fins or have they not evolved having them yet?


DaRedGuy OP t1_j4xr156 wrote

Their dorsal fin was modified into a dorsal ridge that is covered in varying rows of tubercles. These tubercles are used as a sensory organ, as well as to move through the water.


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screamlikeapanther t1_j4wnocm wrote

Did the porpoise figure out how to thrive on human waste? Is this the purpose of the porpoise?


Pan_to_usa t1_j4xh1dj wrote

Woo young woo would love this


enishi1357 t1_j4wsxkr wrote

all the fin ones got hunted to extinction


Ticklebunzz t1_j4tl7tv wrote

Did it’s fins grow back?


DaRedGuy OP t1_j4u4y2j wrote

No, having no dorsal fin is perfectly natural for this species.