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bongokhrusha t1_j54gv17 wrote

I’m sure she didn’t notice the camera in front of her


yourcool t1_j55dt0o wrote

It may have been shot by her boss who may have told her it was an important order beforehand.


Soonermagic1953 t1_j575ktl wrote

I saw the clip. This was definitely staged


Sammmmmmmmmmmmmmm t1_j57f81j wrote

Secret service wouldn’t let the restaurant know ahead of time. They aren’t going to give anyone a chance to tamper with his food. The workers probably had agents watching over their shoulder while they made it


chung2k6 t1_j541o55 wrote

I think the natural first response would've been, "stop pranking us!"


sniper91 t1_j5625oh wrote

“My name is also Joe. Joe Momma!”


Sekmet19 t1_j56nu5a wrote

Leslie Knopp was right about him!


WildWook t1_j57wuee wrote

How is this uplifting


misconfigbackspace t1_j5bdpyf wrote

> Biden wanted to promote how many people have applied for new business licenses during his administration. A number Biden says is 10.4 million people: "That's more than any time in American history in a single period."


petershrimp t1_j5887xq wrote

Had to read it a second time because I was wondering why he was calling Ghostbusters.


CryptoYaar t1_j54pzrd wrote

I don't know why it is a news, it's just another day someone just ordering food.


citytiger OP t1_j54vhml wrote

When have you received a food order from the president?


CryptoYaar t1_j54yods wrote

Lucky for me, I don't work in that line of field. He is just another person, nothing special.


crown_valley t1_j57ectg wrote

The sitting president of the United States of America... someone.


CryptoYaar t1_j57j2wh wrote

Yes, he is someone who is a politician and got the job of the president, simple is that.


macewindewd t1_j5c55gn wrote

Yeah. No big deal. Just the head of a country. it's the same as Bob from down the street. Lol quit being a goober, goober.


CryptoYaar t1_j5dn1wu wrote

Stop being so dramatic. He's just another person like 8 billion others out there.


Star_x_Child t1_j5fsn49 wrote

Wait...what qualifies this as uplifting? Or news?


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RedditsAdoptedSon t1_j54j8g2 wrote

frenchhhh friesss!???? ummm liberty fries thank u vvmuch!


Tobias_Atwood t1_j56h82b wrote

The French liberated our asses from colonial rule under the British. The least we can do is name fries and toast after them.


RedditsAdoptedSon t1_j58ddkn wrote

and i was thinkin of putting the /s but i was like noooo i wanna see the comments lol.. but yes this was a good one