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citytiger t1_j552od8 wrote

I think people should be elected solely on qualifications and merit and by nothing else.


hessian_prince t1_j55bf41 wrote

Absolutely. The thing about this is that if women have been historically discriminated, how do we know if those women have the qualifications? Hopefully there is a plan to ensure that’s the case, or this policy will fall apart.


NightmareHuntress t1_j57y2dh wrote

Do you think it's impossible to find qualified women to fill 30% of place in power ? You could fill 50%, and even 100% of those with qualified women. Because no matter the gender, there will be qualified people to hire if you look for them with no bias. What's important here is to give more opportunites to women to work in key positions. To give them more representation and a say in how society should be shaped. Eventually, things will become balance in the future and no quota will be necessary.


plumquat t1_j5bhgj0 wrote

I agree, most men aren't qualified to represent women. Men can be really dumb towards women. Especially the closeted gay religious zealots. 30% representation is really the lowest standard. It's not great. We obviously need representation and having women around helps men be less gross. To each other and to women.