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Kaseres t1_j58z9ph wrote

Locked out from reading the story but license plates won’t help bees… they don’t even drive. They’re more interested in flowers and nectar and whatnot…


pdx_joe t1_j5alevj wrote

Each Pollinator Paradise license plate ordered sends $35 to OSU’s Pollinator Health Lab and Honey Bee Lab programs focused on the state’s 600 species of bees.

Funds From License Plate Sales Will Directly Support:

  • The identification of bee species found across the state and throughout the Pacific Northwest
  • Research into how to keep honey bee stocks healthy
  • A greater number of graduate students focusing on the study of bees
  • Increased capacity in Oregon to tackle the big picture issues bees face


GroxTerror t1_j59nehp wrote

Profit goes to support the environment


mapwny t1_j59rdb5 wrote

But then you bolt it to a fucking car?


Nxptunes t1_j5azt3v wrote

You think folk are gonna help bees out of the kindness of there hearts?


SakinaPup t1_j588xi2 wrote

Just like the salmon plates were supposed to support salmon. Nice thought though.


elislider t1_j592gjx wrote


All the articles I could find that claim “the money doesn’t help salmon” are from 2014. Here’s one with a misleading title - the money is going to all sorts of natural resources programs in the state and to run water resources grants programs


Hizjyayvu t1_j57wjn5 wrote

That's a nice idea. I'd support that. Gotta love pollinators!


thekingofcrash7 t1_j59q3qd wrote

Somewhat related - whatever happened to the murder hornets in Pacific Northwest that were going to kill us all?


GumshoeQ t1_j58f9y7 wrote

Now you just have to get one that says "Friends". Then when people see it they'll always think, "Let's bee friends, and there's a picture of a bee on it."


MudnuK t1_j5a1d7y wrote

Can anyone ID the bee top-right? It looks worryingly like an invasive European honey bee

EDIT: followed the article links and it is indeed a non-native honey bee. Good job guys


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Zeraphil t1_j5a6nzl wrote

Where is New Oregon. Did we finally invade Canada?


CrazyChainSawLuigi t1_j5axkp9 wrote

Didnt Oregon's native bees die out because of the introduction of a lot of honey bees?


Crazyblazy395 t1_j5h70ks wrote

I read this headline and thought "where the hell is New Oregon?"


dvdmaven t1_j5a33lh wrote

Native mason bee, Osmia lignaria? Reads article, nope. Mason bees don't care about a little rain, non-native honey bees do not fly in the rain. Mason bees also are out pollinating months before other bees.


Ph0enixRuss3ll t1_j5a926i wrote

Now let people there pump their own gas. I don't want some clerk attendant asking dumb questions every time I need gas there.


variable2027 t1_j5c6edt wrote

Not sure what your in about but you can pump your own gas in a bunch of places in oregon. Pump your own desiel anywhere in oregon!