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alabasterwilliams t1_j5r70p6 wrote


inclamateredditor t1_j5sl5a6 wrote

The finger poke is not causing blood to exist, it is causing bleeding to exist.


alabasterwilliams t1_j5sltjp wrote

Here you are, using the English language, and yet you still think this is a logical hill to die on.

Go outside tomorrow when the sun is out, it’s good for your health.


inclamateredditor t1_j5sougg wrote

A personal attack. Brilliant.


alabasterwilliams t1_j5sr4iy wrote

See, here, “brilliant” could mean a couple of things:

A. You legitimately think I am brilliant, or that my statement was brilliant.

B. You are using thinly veiled sarcasm.

C. You view personal attacks as brilliant.

Multiple sentiments, all in the same nine letters. Now, like this, some words can have multiple definitions. For example, if I use the word unnecessary, it could mean:

A. I feel as though your pedantry is unnecessary

B. I feel as though this conversation is unnecessary.

C. I feel as though your access to technology is unnecessary.

It’s really neither of these things. The definition I would like to convey is: Continuing to entertain such a mediocre attempt at being an unnecessary specimen on Reddit would be unnecessary.

That’s a lot, I know.

If you need any help slogging through such an immense concept, please do let someone know.

And honestly, if you take sound health advice from strangers on the internet as a personal attack, there could be a far many things to sort out within yourself before you start to worry about requisite vitamin d intake.

Or, maybe that’s the problem?

Again, I suggest you go outside tomorrow, it’s good for your physical and mental health.