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pdxschroeder t1_j5sircs wrote

It was clearly bought as an investment, and for what the previous owners were asking ($1.65 million) I am totally fine with that. As long as the neighbors are cool with whatever happens next and everyone acts like adults then I’m sure…what’s that…oh god…


WatchmanVimes t1_j5sl65n wrote

Well, last guy that had it were as bad as the "Goonies not welcome" neighbor. Went to see it a few years back, Trump flags, stay away, no tresspassing.


Galkura t1_j5tkgo4 wrote

To be fair, in terms of the no trespassing signs, it says they went up after the 30th anniversary brought 1500+ visitors PER DAY to the neighborhood.

I think anyone should understand that’s reasonable to close your house off to, and it likely had a lot more going on than just people coming by to take pictures.

I definitely think their political views were garbage, but let’s not pretend it’s an extremely entitled way of thinking to believe it’s shitty to close your personal home off to the public.


JessumB t1_j5twhne wrote

That's a small street and an even smaller driveway up the house, I can't imagine a couple dozen people trying to pack it in, let alone hundreds and then the people that live around there, many of whom have been there for a long time having to deal with all the crowds and people showing up at all hours, yes, all hours of the day and night.

I think too many forget that its an actual real neighborhood with people trying to go about their day to day lives and not some movie set.


BarbequedYeti t1_j5tzq6e wrote

> I think too many forget that its an actual real neighborhood with people trying to go about their day to day lives and not some movie set.

Exactly.. The guy that bought it doesnt even seem to live there, so he wont have to deal with the day to day issues. 1500 people a day through that neighborhood. 1500... Holy shit. Thats like a small amusement park at that point. I cant even imagine how long it would take you to get back to your house if you had to run out to get something.

I cant recall if it was this house or the breaking bad house. There was a story not long ago that the owner had to keep repairing their roof because people kept throwing pizzas on it. Anyone thinking the 'public' is going to respect those neighbors houses is delusional. People meet their death every year doing stupid shit for a photo and internet points. This will continue to be a shit show for the other neighbors.


TylerBourbon t1_j5u3bra wrote

>I cant recall if it was this house or the breaking bad house. There was a story not long ago that the owner had to keep repairing their roof because people kept throwing pizzas on it.

That was the Breaking Bad house.


chookatee2019 t1_j5u7n28 wrote

I'd set up a pop up tent at the bottom and have people form a line. Then charge admission. Even if i didn't live there :)


DanitesHell t1_j5xet93 wrote

I’d imagine the city could and probably would shut that down pretty quickly if it causes traffic or they received complaints. Unless the property is zoned as commercial, which i doubt it is.


mopsyd t1_j5uca4a wrote

Don’t but a movie house if you don’t want to deal with movie house stuff. This is like buying the cheap house next to the airport and then complaining about noise. You knew what you were getting into.


Galkura t1_j5v2i2w wrote


You can expect people to come by and take pictures and see stuff. You might even expect the occasional trespass.

But people don’t expect the sheer amount of difference and the sheer number of people who will come and fuck with your house.

Like, 1500 people coming by a day? No one is going to expect that, even with a movie house.

Take the BB house for example. People were somewhat okay with the pictures and stuff at first. Then people started throwing the pizzas. You can expect and be okay with one thing, but people taking it too far will ruin it.

People aren’t entitled to fuck with a house just because the house was in a show or movie that they liked.


mopsyd t1_j5v4md6 wrote

They are not entitled to but they are going to. Fandoms do crazy stuff, and if you are even tangentially connected then you are subject to it. If you take it in stride, it can actually be a pretty beneficial annoyance. If you push back they will make your life awful, but they are going to show up either way.


myitredditacc t1_j5ssixu wrote

Makes me think of the dip shits that bought the Breaking Bad House.


Fish_bob t1_j5tgz7c wrote

To be fair they had owned the house for years before allowing filming there and becoming the BB house. Agreed they’re dipshits though by not accepting reality and huge wasted monetizing opportunity.


MrVeazey t1_j5tnv8b wrote

They could be getting so much free pizza down off the roof.


Cultural_Ad_1693 t1_j5tzgkn wrote

Seriously $25 to throw a red baron pizza on the roof with a pic or video of you doing it. Then have someone run on the roof to grab it so more can be thrown. Easy af money AND FREE PIZZA


DanitesHell t1_j5u0hwn wrote

only dipshits in that story are the people showing up to the house to toss pizzas on the roof.. not the lady who has to clean up their mess


GoodOlSpence t1_j5ue3rd wrote

>dip shits

The nerve of those people owning a house and living in it all while expecting people not to vandalize their home.


DanitesHell t1_j5toeyg wrote

article said they had 1500 visitors a day. I’d tell them to fuck off too


toughtacos t1_j5t82h6 wrote

For those geoblocked and don’t want to load the VPN up. Images at the bottom.

New 'Goonies' house owner's neighbor hangs banner telling movie fans to stay away

One neighbor's banner reads, "Goonies not welcome." The new owner's banner says they are. And a third neighbor's banner calls the first neighbor "Karen."

Neighborhood drama over 'Goonies' house visitors

ASTORIA, Ore. — The reaction to Behman Zakeri purchasing the iconic Astoria house from the beloved 1985 film, "The Goonies," has been overwhelmingly positive, especially as the new owner of the 126-year-old house has made it clear he's thrilled to welcome fans of the movie who want to see the home.

Zakeri, a Kansas City entrepreneur who bought the home on the Oregon coast in December 2022 for $1.65 million, is a huge fan of the movie. He said he's seen it more than 100 times. Buying the house was a dream come true for him.

"Somebody had to buy it, preserve it, keep it so that Goonies can continue to come visit it," he said.

One person, though, is clearly unhappy about that, and they've plastered their displeasure all over the front of their house.

A neighbor who lives two houses down from the Goonies house hung a large banner on their house that reads, "GOONIES NOT WELCOME," in response to the large amount of traffic it attracts to the small private neighborhood.

That's in stark contrast to the open-arms approach of Zakeri. He placed a banner on the house in response that reads, "HEY YOU GUYS! GOONIES WELCOME!"

The neighborly spat didn't end with those two, though. A friend of the new owner who bought the house between the Goonies house and the other neighbor's house also hung a huge banner from their home. That one has a huge black arrow pointing to the "Goonies not welcome" neighbor's home that reads, "iGNORE KAREN."

"Karen" is a slang term used to describe someone who acts entitled or makes unreasonable demands. Whether that description applies to the neighbor or not is up for personal interpretation.

In 2015, the 30th anniversary of the film brought as many as 1,500 visitors a day to the house, leading the home's previous owner to temporarily cover the house in tarps and post "no trespassing" signs. She later reopened the home to the public.

Zakeri said while he openly welcomes fans of the movie, he hopes those who visit respect the neighborhood.

"Let's not go in the neighbors' yards. Let's not mess with their stuff," he said. "If they want to come take selfies, if they want to geocache or whatever and say, 'I was at the Goonies house,' and do the truffle shuffle, then go right ahead. Just be respectful, just like anything else."


whatevers1234 t1_j5u6tch wrote

Thing is the last guy had an actual professional street sign welcoming people. Just letting them know they could walk up but be respectful. He had it open to people forever. I went there to visit quite a few time. Even talked to him while he was washing his car one time. Nice dude.

But then hoards of people decended on the place during it’s 30th anniversary. And I’m sure it wasn’t just him who was sick of the traffic and crazyness on their small dead end street.

This new dude may want to welcome people. But if he ain’t living there then at the end of the day it’s really up to the neighbors. It’s a super small area with a ton of packed in homes and no place to really park. Then when you walk up you are also invading the driveway of 2 other homes. I actually completely understand the neighbors perspective.

Also this guy bought this as an investment from Kansas at the height of the market. I doubt he has this home long. When I went out a decade ago Data’s house was for sale for 150k. I myself had an offer in for a Queen Anne Victorian downtown right before covid for 500k

The Goonies house will always go for a tad more but Astoria right now is crazy expensive compared to previous years. The combination of the Covid house spike and the influx of Portlanders looking for the next cute place to destroy and a massive influx of breweries has really shot home prices through the roof for an area that is actually pretty deflated economically. I love Astoria and I want to see it thrive but I have no doubt prices there will drop hard in coming years. It’s just unsustainable for how it’s built.

Goonies and Short Circuit (someone just bought that house too and rehabbed it back to movie form) and Kindergarten Cop are all awesome. But if you gonna own a home in Astoria imo you wanna get one of the historic Victorians over a run of the mill home that isn’t even “in town.” I wish this guy the best but I have a hard time rooting for a dude from Kansas who may have never even visited Astoria buying a home as an “investment.” With no plans of living there himself while allowing a massive influx of headache for neighbors.


Dovah907 t1_j5uxn51 wrote

Yeah I’ve been to the house before and the way the surrounding neighborhood is structured makes it a pain in the ass to visit, can’t imagine living there. You’re better off just going to the film museum.


sashslingingslasher t1_j5tz4zt wrote

He said it was an investment, but also said he can't legally use it for commercial use


Raam57 t1_j5sntfi wrote

I just don’t see this as a solid long term investment. I mean the movie is nearly 40 years old and I doubt the fan base is growing. It came out l a decade and a half before I was born and I’ve never seen it and I can’t imagine many younger than myself have either.


WeirdSeaworthiness67 t1_j5tdoo3 wrote

You make a point, but your age doesn’t dictate how the world remembers and enjoys movies. They outlast us.


UncookedMarsupial t1_j5tisv1 wrote

I lived in Astoria for a while. The Goonies love is still very much alive. Goonies weekend brings a lot of tourism to the small city.


BewilderedOstrich t1_j5tm10t wrote

Ding ding ding. I promise if an absolute no where town like Rockford can remain relevant all these years purely because Cheap Trick came from there, I can guarentee Astoria hasn't been forgotten.


UncookedMarsupial t1_j5uu52k wrote

I worked in restaurants in Astoria and it was awful. Until the summer there is barely enough work to go around. As soon as tourist season hits you can't find enough workers.

I have PTSD from Goonies weekends.


tkrynsky t1_j5ttk73 wrote

Was just there last summer. Swung by the Goonies museum too, it was pretty fun.


Vlvthamr t1_j5tqezj wrote

My kids are teenagers and they’ve seen it many times. Just because you’ve never seen it doesn’t mean others your age or younger haven’t.


littlebluedot42 t1_j5u2uph wrote

Seriously. The logical fallacy is nothing compared to the confident ignorance in that sentence alone. That's gonna bite them hard in the ass, one of these days.


Raam57 t1_j5vijcg wrote

Please see my other response to another user. I’ve listened to Elvis music before that doesn’t mean I’m gonna spend money on things associated with him and the decline in impersonators clearly shows a decline in his fan base as time goes on. The house clearly was bought as an investment and questioning the long term sustainability of the fan base for a nearly 40 year old movie as the basis of an investment is a fair point


Duganz t1_j5tghtv wrote

Your lack of imagination doesn’t matter.


DanitesHell t1_j5tott9 wrote

if they only attracted millennials for 50 years it would still have plenty of business opportunities.

We’re the biggest generation in American history, plenty of chances to make a buck or two off them.

Plus at end of day it’s still a home which you can use to live in. Sounds like buyer is a massive fan so he probably enjoys owning it whether or not he continues to get visitors.


Raam57 t1_j5vr2cl wrote

As I’ve commented to others look at the declining fan base of Elvis over the last 20 years. Even better look at the state of the House of Cash while Johnny Cash was still alive. The article implies the premium is due to its association with the movie. It doesn’t mention how much the premium is compared to other nearby houses. That said a huge difference exist between paying a premium for something because you want it and paying a premium because you intend to make money on it.

There is a huge difference between criticizing a investment versus hoping it fails. I don’t think criticizing an investment is a bad thing. I don’t deny the size of millennials but I question if enough will actually be willing to spend money on it to justify the purchase. I mean if they rent out the house at the AVG Airbnb rate of $137 a night, manage to be booked every single night and have zero operating expenses it’ll still take over 30 years to just recoup what they paid.

As an investment I just don’t see this being worth it when you’d have better ways to invest your money over the same time period. This is also an investment against the clock since as time passes it’ll become just another house in an old movie.


DanitesHell t1_j5vwuyr wrote

Clearly this isn’t an investment for max profit.

He a huge fan of the movie, i don’t think it’s weird he purchased it at all .

air bnb comparison makes zero sense. why would they rent it at the average price?


rmprice222 t1_j5tnymr wrote

Well it is still a very large house, real estate is solid to invest in regardless


littlebluedot42 t1_j5u39gp wrote

To be fair, sound real estate investments are, well, sound. 🤷🏼‍♂️

If you'd disagree, I do happen to know at least one realtor who'd like to chat on the coast of Florida...


imahawki t1_j5ufwhd wrote

This is such a weird take. People travel internationally to see the palazzo where Micheal Corleone hid out in Godfather II. My kids are 12-18 and have seen (multiple times) and love The Goonies.


Raam57 t1_j5vhsrg wrote

While I haven’t seen it I’m not sure it’s fair to compare The Goonies and The godfather. Either way your comment is missing the point. The article seem to imply that the premium for the house is in part due to its association with the movie.

I understand people have nostalgia for things but that doesn’t translate into something being a slam dunk investment worthy of the price. A good example of this is would be the decline of Elvis impersonators over the last 20 years. Clearly as time has gone his fan base has decreased. This movie is like Elvis. Just because you’ve heard the music doesn’t mean you’re enough of a fan who is willing to spend money on things associated with it. Everyone who doesn’t think fan bases shrink is in denial.

What people are missing though is that today a lot of content exist for kids to watch. I find it doubtful in the future they’ll be nostalgic over the same thing their parents were. I can’t imagine more relatable shows/movies don’t exist for kids today and the world they live in now than a movie that’s 10-15 years older than their parents


imahawki t1_j5vj50c wrote

Peak Reddit: I haven’t seen it but I’m going to type a three paragraph argument anyway.


Raam57 t1_j5vsnce wrote

Peak Reddit: completely ignores my comments twice about businesses based on nostalgia probably not being a great investment long term because “I love The Goonies”. You’re the one who responded to my comment calling it a “weird take” so I further explained it. If you didn’t want a response why comment?


thunder_struck85 t1_j5to6w6 wrote

Those who do remember it are the ones with enough money now in life to buy it. So in another few years that's who could potentially buy it.

It's a niche product.


ObviouslyJoking t1_j5tg684 wrote

Not gonna lie. I'm pretty jealous of folks that can purchase a $1.6 million dollar home with no plan of what to do with it and not even going to live in it.


anwarunya t1_j5tllho wrote

No shit. This was my first thought. You've gotta be well off to buy a house for more than it would be worth at face value just because you love a movie and wanna have it.


swagharris31 t1_j5tp6xa wrote

Same thoughts as well, but reading another article it said he put down 20% and pulled out equity from a couple of other properties he owns, so altogether he had to pull out three different loans.


anwarunya t1_j5tsw9n wrote

Maybe not the smartest move. That being said, he also has multiple properties to pull equity from. Still doing far better than I am.


littlebluedot42 t1_j5u3tyv wrote

> ...doing far better than I am.

Hey, now. That's not fair to you or your challenges, man. I have no doubt that you've made impressive progress in overcoming what you've got in your way, and I don't even know you. This guy could've inherited wealth and done fuck all otherwise. Be proud of what you've accomplished and never compare your victories to others' social media posts. Keep killin' it! 🤘🏼


pm_me_train_ticket t1_j5w04jb wrote

>This guy could've inherited wealth and done fuck all otherwise.

Yep, or they could be in a crapton of debt. Either way, it's not a foregone conclusion that they are "doing better".

We've seen what happens to folks who have $10M in properties and $9M in mortgages and the market turns south. All that "success" when the times are good is fake.


HandshakeInMyPants t1_j5u6g7r wrote

What about their friend who bought the in between house for no other reason than to spite "karen" house?


Forensichunt t1_j5sp8wu wrote

Got to see it up close before it was closed off. They also have a mini jail nearby, little info/gift shop and the car with bullet holes. Such a fun piece of nostalgia.


SEND_PUNS_PLZ t1_j5sg9tz wrote

Living in the boonies but doin it for the goonies


MyAccountWasBanned7 t1_j5t9o7f wrote

The last owner had to close it off from the public because people were being inconsiderate- showing up at all times of the day and night and leaving trash in the yard.

This wasn't like the folks who bought the Amityville house and then remodeled it so people would stop coming to look at it, this person had a valid reason for keeping visitors away.


diamond t1_j5tginl wrote

>The last owner had to close it off from the public because people were being inconsiderate- showing up at all times of the day and night and leaving trash in the yard.

That's about what I would expect, unfortunately. There are a lot of inconsiderate people out there who think that, just because a house was on a movie or TV show, it's now public property and they can do whatever they want to it.

The owners of the Breaking Bad House have had to deal with that. Stupid kids coming by day after day with the incredibly original idea of throwing a pizza on the roof, trampling through the yard, etc. They finally had to put up a big iron fence and plant warning signs all over their yard. People can really suck.

I hope it goes better for this guy. I suppose the fan base for BB is a little different than the one for The Goonies.


MyAccountWasBanned7 t1_j5thlq8 wrote

I was out in Portland once and made a point to see all the main building featured in the show Grimm. I parked across the street in front of each. If there were cars in the driveway I simple checked out the house for a bit and then left. If there weren't, I got out and took a picture of myself in front of it from the sidewalk.

But I didn't make noise, leave a mess, or intentionally disturb anyone. At the end of the day they are still people's homes and I didn't want to be a dick. I wish more folks would act like that and not ruin things for everyone.


Half_Dead_Weasel t1_j5tuca2 wrote

I used to live on LI, play shows in Amityville, and found the house. Totally different, but still pretty cool.


MyAccountWasBanned7 t1_j5tuqor wrote

I live in western NY, so it's a ways away but do-able for a daytrip. I was really disappointed when I heard that they remodeled that whole side of the house so rhat it no longer looks like the book/movie cover.

I never understood the reasoning either - you purposefully bought the Amityville house. You knew what it was when you bought it. Why even move there if you don't want the attention? You paid a premium, I'm sure, because of the infamous nature. It's just so dumb to me.


Half_Dead_Weasel t1_j5xa6fn wrote

Exactly. They could have easily made a barrier so people could see, but not pass for far cheaper than remodeling the front of the whole damn house.


appleflaxen t1_j5t0kfr wrote

> cult classic

Really? It was a blockbuster movie release.


Arodg25 t1_j5tfuap wrote

That formed a fan cult.


appleflaxen t1_j5tggbc wrote

Yes, like that other Spielberg cult classic: Raiders of the Lost Ark


Arodg25 t1_j5tl98q wrote

I don't think theres a large enough cult following of Raiders. So it's mostly regular fans.


Usual_Memory t1_j5vxskp wrote

Nowhere near the super-fan following of the Goonies, honestly I have watched The Goonies in rhe last year and I can't even think of the last time I even heard of The Raiders of the Lost Ark, let alone watched it.


deniall83 t1_j5sm42j wrote

Heeeeey youuu guyyyyyysssssss!


fbarbie t1_j5s42eh wrote

This is the most uplifting news! I love this sub!


chookatee2019 t1_j5u7b3g wrote

If i bought that house I'd furnish it exactly as it was in the movie and let people stay there. I'd even build the Rube Goldberg device that opened the gate. Oh, and the statue with the broken wang!


miles_selim t1_j5tlm7q wrote

La marihuana va en el cajón de arriba. La cocaína y la velocidad van en el segundo cajón. Y la heroína va en el cajón de abajo.

Siempre separe las drogas.


Awkwardly_Anonymous t1_j5ub1ks wrote

That's what the last person said. Let's see how long it lasts.


Adh1434 t1_j5ss4vs wrote

I know the house used in the tv show shameless charges $10 to get a picture on the porch. In this day and age you got do what you got do to make money


chipdipmcgillicuddy t1_j5swhk8 wrote

What can you tell me about Astoria? Why should I move there? Begin!


InigoThe2nd t1_j5sxqex wrote

It’s an extremely beautiful town on the Oregon coast. It’s about an hour and a half from Portland. I’ve been there multiple times for business/sight-seeing. It’s tremendously beautiful and I’d consider living there if I had the opportunity and the means to support it. I recommend checking out the nearby town of Seaside, Oregon too.


Bboy486 t1_j5tpnes wrote

Did they remove the no trespassing sign?


SpectreArrow t1_j5ur12b wrote

There’s a podcast who recently did a Goonies movie review while in the house. They also did Kindergarten Cop review in the house. The Kindergarten Cop school can been seen from the house. Check them out “Confused Breakfast Podcast”


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Antique-Presence-817 t1_j5til93 wrote

it's a testament to the repetitive nature of american place names that as i opened and began reading this article i progressively thought "astoria" was in new york, kansas, missouri, and oregon


Lancelot4Camelot t1_j5usbis wrote

That's cool I was just in Astoria a few days ago!


SniffinRoundYourDoor t1_j5vtk35 wrote

The New Owner of the "Christmas Story" house said the same exact thing. Then went broke. Haha!


Core1109 t1_j5tn5dw wrote

seems a lot nicer than the lady who owns the breaking bad house.


DanitesHell t1_j5tpibx wrote

That lady is the victim.

Fans were tossing pizzas and leaving trash all over the yard on a daily basis. People who expect these owners to just bend over backwards and allow strangers to trash their property are the inconsiderate ones.


Core1109 t1_j5ts0b4 wrote

Ahh, thanks for the further information. I always thought she was just being mean for no reason. That makes sense on her end.


GoodOlSpence t1_j5uefqq wrote

I'm curious, what did you think was happening before that clarification?


Core1109 t1_j5umc7z wrote

I just saw a few short clips of the lady cussing out people just driving by or taking pictures.


06EXTN t1_j5tgn5n wrote

as they should. You don't spend money on a house with a following like that and expect to cut it off.


ShakeWeightMyDick t1_j5squg4 wrote

I hope they don’t think they’re gonna make a ton of money off this.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_j5rydq8 wrote

But it's just me but I don't really understand this kind of stuff.

I understand if it's like a whole area like the Shire in New Zealand, but I don't really understand why a house is important unless it was like "a house with the hole shot by Robert Ford" or something dramatic like that.


Smokron85 t1_j5s2qmq wrote

Not a Goonies fan?


GoodOlSpence t1_j5ucvry wrote

I'm a Goonies fan living in Oregon and it's the stupidest god damn thing. It's a house, a house that actual people live in. People don't drive up and take pictures and then move on, they yell and scream at the house all times of night. Leave trash in the yard. Astoria is a tiny town and they block up the roads on big anniversaries for the movie just to LOOK AT A HOUSE.

The house is barely even in the damn movie. The final shot is a much more iconic scene from the movie to me and nobody goes to Canon beach to see the end of Goonies.

I love movies, but these home owners don't owe movie fans shit. It's the same with the poor people that own the Breaking Bad house. You take a check to let a show film in your house and now people throw pizzas on your roof every year. The hell is wrong with you people?


Minus_the_details t1_j5s30qh wrote

A true believer would get it! Nah, jk. If they're smart, though, the house will be set up like a shrine to the movie, with memorabilia and insider documentary from the creators. Super fans would certainly pay through the nose to stay the night, and they could probably charge for daytime visits as well.


tickbrotha t1_j5s4ivk wrote

The Christmas Story house was done exactly like this. Available for tours, or overnight rental.

They even expanded to a few of the neighboring houses, keeping them all screen accurate.

One of the most intense gift shops I’ve ever seen.


06EXTN t1_j5tgz9s wrote

too bad you have to go to Cleveland to see it.


bluSCALE4 t1_j5s77ic wrote

Yeah, with a stomp to do the truffle shuffle and the Goldberg machine to open the fence.


KyraSandy t1_j5sbesf wrote

Because for fans it was Mikey's house, where we could escape to and play stupid pranks on our friends.