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razpotim t1_j5u6zrr wrote

I don't know how to say this on uplifting news without breaking the rules, but DB is a notoriously callous bank. I guess the good news is that even a bank as awful as this sees financial upside in this type of policy?


wererealcheesepeople t1_j5ue0m9 wrote

Are you thinking of Deutsche Bank?

I know virtually nothing about Danske Bank except that they are Danish. Deutsche Bank, notoriously shitty, is German.


razpotim t1_j5ufs9q wrote

I am unfortunately not thinking of Deutsche Bank.

I am Danish, everyone hates Danske Bank.


wererealcheesepeople t1_j5ugo4f wrote

Interesting, have any links about why?


cummerou1 t1_j5uqplm wrote

One example of how they are:

Putins brother used them to launder billions, they claimed they didn't know he was related to Putin despite his brothers' last name ALSO BEING PUTIN!

So they had a guy with the last name Putin who wanted to send billions through the bank, and they didn't think it sounded the least bit suspicious that a Russian man with the last name "Putin" had access to so much money, so they didn't do any form of background check to see where this money was actually coming from or who he was.

Oh yeah, during this entire time (a solid 8-10 year period), whistleblowers repeatedly said that this was extremely suspicious and alerted their bosses about it, but were told it was fine and to shut up.


gnarlin t1_j5v9sau wrote

Let me guess, at no point during that entire time did anyone from the government do anything about this incredibly suspicious activity?


razpotim t1_j5uh6x8 wrote


THE_IRL_JESUS t1_j5uq1ab wrote

Every bank has compliance failures. It's part of the business. Danske aren't considered exceptional in this regard.


bananalord666 t1_j5uxdzn wrote

My local union doesn't

Edit: credit union


THE_IRL_JESUS t1_j5v86pr wrote

A) how exactly do you know that? I can guarantee you your local building society does not have as robust of an AFC control framework as Danske

B) it's hardly comparable. Obviously talking about established financial institutions here.


mgcarley t1_j5v2eeo wrote

"What sets us apart from other banks is that other banks are banks!"


bananalord666 t1_j5v4tx9 wrote

My local credit union serves the same function to me, but better.


mgcarley t1_j5v4xqk wrote

My comment may or may not have been a Family Guy reference ;)


bananalord666 t1_j5x1yy9 wrote

Ah. I only know the most basic of family guy quips and memes