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friendly-sam t1_j5v3a3a wrote

This sounds like marketing from the bank. It's just becoming not profitable in the long term for fossil fuels with the new solar, wind, water power becoming mature and widely acceptable.


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Sariel007 t1_j5vu964 wrote

>Literally no one in any large western economy is "working to expand oil and gas extraction."

The State of Wyoming has entered the chat.

Wyoming Wants to Ban Electric Vehicles by 2035 Six Republican legislators introduced a bill to phase out EV sales in the next 12 years.

Wyoming stands up for coal with threat to sue states that refuse to buy it. Republican governor says measure sends message that Wyoming is ‘prepared to bring litigation to protect her interests’.

Oh right you said large economy. Wyoming ranks 50th in GDP and is Republican shithole State welfare Queen that takes more from the Union than it contribute. Uh, carry on then.