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Fivethenoname t1_j61omni wrote

My one problem with these sort of solutions is that they're clearly geared toward inserting themselves into the existing value chains/supply chains we already have. One of the most basic issues that causes climate change is that we aren't properly valuing our resources. We have to decouple that value system from our industrial economy which demands never ending growth of consumption. Tell me, if we successfully convert CO2 into a valuable raw material that our industries demand, what happens when we've drawn out enough CO2 to reach a ppm concentration we like? Just stop? What business EVER just stopped? And this wouldn't be just one company, we'd build economic infrastructure around it. My belief is that the funding for carbon drawdown HAS to come from the public. Market based value systems are not the type of valuation system that works best for Environmental resources which are by nature publicly owned. We have to create a value for this stuff and stand by it.