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KeithMyArthe t1_j63fsmw wrote

Talented and big hearted young engineers. Great story.


seakingsoyuz t1_j643jkh wrote

I’m not that old, but I remember that, when I was young, “human-controlled robotic hand that can grab objects” was the absolute cutting edge of mechatronic engineering. Now high school students can build a dextrous prosthetic for their classmate. How far we’ve come.


PandaPocketFire t1_j64qr0s wrote

The cool part about the 3d printing communities is alot of designs and projects get made public so I'm sure they were able to use available resources and retrofit it for his particular hand. I've definitely seen that model before so it wasn't made from scratch. Still a really awesome project and thing to do though!


19781984 t1_j646n96 wrote

Amazing engineering.

Is it really the first time he's caught a baseball in his life though? He never caught one with his left hand?


MansfromDaVinci t1_j649c8h wrote

he qualifys in the video "with my right hand" clickbaiters gotta bait them clicks, I guess.


MegamanD t1_j63r04g wrote

That teacher and students are real heroes.


PortalTester t1_j64ccom wrote

Hell yeah! Those students rock.


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T00luser t1_j69359d wrote


I knew the future would be all about plastics.


squirlz333 t1_j660byw wrote

Sounds like he didn't try hard enough before, my dog catches them without hands all the time.


ucgaydude t1_j65rzr6 wrote



Succulentslayer t1_j67pm8r wrote

?? Wrong usage I think.


ucgaydude t1_j68a57e wrote

Having to rely on your classmates to design and build you a prosthetic arm, rather than having access to one that is affordable or free is the exact definition of a boring dystopia. This sub is full of these "feel good" stories that really shine a light on how messed up our nation is.


briguy9000 t1_j6886bo wrote

I think he's implying that he should be given a prosthetic by default (or at the very least have reasonable access to one) instead of having to rely on the goodwill of his classmates. Not a terrible point.