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LiverOfStyx t1_j685unk wrote

Really? So you have HEARD the thing? Cause i could not find any footage of it actually spinning...


drunksquatch t1_j68985q wrote

There is a video, at least in the link I clicked, in the article that you can hear it and it is a huge difference


LiverOfStyx t1_j68rskq wrote

Yeah, i watched the video and it is some dude talking the entire time. Not one second of the sound was in that video. Then there is a video about boats, with engines running on top, and then another that has a dude.. just talking. Not one second of the prop itself making noise compared to traditional.


drunksquatch t1_j68ynsb wrote

The video i saw had sound for both. The guy talks over it the first few times, but eventually you do hear the props.


FlatteringFlatuance t1_j69iunr wrote

Jokes on you the propellers were running in both videos. That's how quiet they are 😎 /s