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kracer20 t1_j65kxpk wrote

If these were on drones, it would be two types of "UpliftingNews"


Cheapskate-DM t1_j65ls5w wrote

Innovations in efficiency are always welcome, but one wonders about the downstream effects of quieter commercial drones.

The army's gonna be salivating about the prospect of spy drones that don't shriek like a giant mosquito, but anyone who doesn't want that happening at home would have cause to worry. You may also have wildlife issues if birds don't hear them coming and have a collision.

On the flipside, reducing the nuisance factor enough would make long-sought use cases like taco delivery or whatever much more tolerable.


KamahlYrgybly t1_j65xbe3 wrote

This is revolutionary. Increased efficiency, structural stability, and reduced noise. In a couple of decades, iterations of these designs will likely replace all conventional props.

Drones, helicopters, propeller planes and boats are great and all, but the improvements to efficiency for large scale cargo ships, wind turbines, hell, potentially even steam turbines are where the big gains will be found.


grumble11 t1_j66hzxt wrote

This is great for wildlife. A lot of whales kill themselves because they canโ€™t take the endless racket of human activity.


ManoOccultis t1_j67ke8n wrote

Well it seems those secret nuclear submarine propellers are not secret anymore.


Xerozvz t1_j67ygpm wrote

It's for sure an interesting concept, I can't help but wonder how it would function if you took the design concept and tried to mix it into like.. a ceiling fan or even a box fan


WikiSummarizerBot t1_j67z3ia wrote

Closed wing

>A closed wing is a wing that effectively has two main planes which merge at their ends so that there are no conventional wing tips. Closed wing designs include the annular wing (commonly known as the cylindrical or ring wing), the joined wing, the box wing and spiroid tip devices. Like many wingtip devices, the closed wing aims to reduce the wasteful effects associated with wingtip vortices which occur at the tips of conventional wings. Although the closed wing has no unique claim on such benefits, many closed wing designs do offer structural advantages over a conventional cantilever monoplane.

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LiverOfStyx t1_j685snk wrote

If it worked they would've given us one second of sound from that propeller.. But, i can't find any examples of the sound. Which to me, makes this a scam.


LiverOfStyx t1_j68rskq wrote

Yeah, i watched the video and it is some dude talking the entire time. Not one second of the sound was in that video. Then there is a video about boats, with engines running on top, and then another that has a dude.. just talking. Not one second of the prop itself making noise compared to traditional.


Pahriuon t1_j69pwgp wrote

The poor infantryman faces death from all angles, as though the mortar was not enough, small quiet drones fly above his location and drop grenades that fragment upon hitting his skull.