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ZoiSarah t1_j6ebal2 wrote

At my masters degree ceremony, the key note speaker was a 80+ year old woman who was graduating the same day as her daughter and granddaughter. It was so wonderful and I love the notion that you're never too old to learn


gandalf_el_brown t1_j6ept3p wrote

Does the 80yo also need to pay off all her college loans before she's allowed to die?


shyunia t1_j6fp60x wrote

Student loans are forgiven when you die


HeavyLogix t1_j6fqu9s wrote

Not all private students loans


FaintDamnPraise t1_j6g1oq6 wrote

They will continue to send collection letters to your gravesite.


VerlinMerlin t1_j6gugiv wrote

Or children?


[deleted] t1_j6gvmje wrote



VerlinMerlin t1_j6gw1dt wrote

If it's private, they might have to I think.


Thoughtwolf t1_j6h2wpx wrote

In most provinces, countries, states, etc. only those who have signed the contract for the debt, and the "Estate" of someone who has passed away owes back debts. So things that you own are to be sold and liquidated to pay off debts. Once all debts have been paid, only then can things of the estate be given to heirs.

If you owe 80k and have 100k in the bank in cash, you can just pay it off. Then your house or car or belongings, etc. go straight to the heirs.

However if you owe 80k and have only 60k in assets, those things would have to be sold to pay off the estate's dues and there would be no inheritance.


De3NA t1_j6hao42 wrote

Correct. That’s why it’s better to “gift” the stuff before they pass


drbob4512 t1_j6g022e wrote

There was a 100 year old who got his phd i think or masters. Anyways, was telling the wife about how he’s definitely paying that student loan off


Agret t1_j6f9tll wrote

She's got two tiers of descendants so the loan can pass onto them, so bittersweet.


HeavyLogix t1_j6fqqu4 wrote

Federal loans are discharged on death. Private loans vary.


vasya349 t1_j6hloxr wrote

Descendants never pick up private loans either.


HeavyLogix t1_j6hnzwd wrote

Depends how you look at it. If they’re beneficiaries of an estate that was wiped out by loans then yeah they kind of picked up the tab


Kitchen_Music1302 t1_j6hrvh4 wrote

Sort of, but the lender can't take anything from the children. Like they can take the parents estate, but if the children has the money to pay the debt they are not legally obligated to.


HeavyLogix t1_j6hsv3b wrote

That’s what I said


Kitchen_Music1302 t1_j6hunuc wrote

Sure. I'm just pointing out it isn't a matter of perspective as to whether the children front any of the bill of not.


[deleted] t1_j6im7mf wrote



HeavyLogix t1_j6iseh5 wrote

say you stand to inherit a million dollars and the parent owed a million in loans. You could say the beneficiary paid that indirectly


vasya349 t1_j6jjxpg wrote

A person’s wealth is literally debt:assets. You can’t stand to inherit wealth if there isn’t any.


[deleted] t1_j6jd1bg wrote



HeavyLogix t1_j6jdjpi wrote

I know more precisely how it works. It’s all based on a contingency. If you define it as otherwise yours it would have been in that scenario. That is how it works. I’ve worked within probate and have my own trusts.

You refusing to understand how things work, using any words, doesn’t mean you know shit about any of this

Now, you will fuck off. 👋


PM_ME_YOUR_WIRING t1_j6hlq3v wrote

She'll be allowed to die, and her estate will settle whatever debts she has.


PalmTreeIsBestTree t1_j6f3rk1 wrote

My grandmother and father did something similar and they even had a computer class together in the late 80s.


Scryer_of_knowledge t1_j6dw5sv wrote

They are blessed because of their love and determination.


ViolettePlague t1_j6fi5lo wrote

When my two children went to college, my husband and I decided decided to go back. My husband will be earning his Masters the same time our oldest graduates. I will be graduating at the same time as our youngest.


pinchemierda t1_j6fkk7p wrote

Congratulations! That’s amazing to have a family full of masters graduates!


TheHancock t1_j6eg3hs wrote

Heyyy my mom and brother did this 10 years ago!

Always good to see! You’re never too old to learn!


about831 t1_j6eczoj wrote

Imagine going to a kegger at the Omega house and finding your mom playing beer pong.

But seriously that’s a cool commitment.


Mishap-p t1_j6ep9e7 wrote

Do they get a discount if two members of the same family go to school together there?


insantitty t1_j6fgv3t wrote

they do not care one bit 🙂 you get a pat on the back


[deleted] t1_j6fnmjl wrote



insantitty t1_j6ftbn6 wrote

sure but that’s also different then what we’re talking about? that’s a benefit of employment, not something that’s offered to a family with concurrent multi-gen students


fightwithgrace t1_j6faacu wrote

Certainly not with siblings. I have no idea if they would in this case or not.


grilled_steezus t1_j6gfunr wrote

The written Korean is not even remotely correct to congratulations… I guess they couldn’t even Google translate 🤷‍♂️ smh


RockinghamRaptor t1_j6g3jwx wrote

My grandmother went back to high school in her late 30s, when my Dad was the school president lol.


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Ooderman t1_j6fjdqi wrote

Most wholesome mother/son thing I've read since two broke arms.


Astavri t1_j6fjvzx wrote

Honestly it means a lot less considering universities are more about degree churning than quality of education.

Considering it's a "global university" especially. I wouldn't doubt it was some sort of discreet ad either.

Still better than University of Pheonix though


Fancybear1993 t1_j6g841s wrote

Reddit + black people = upvotes


sanwfa t1_j6g9qv6 wrote

It's not about her color or race. It's about her determination to complete what she wished!


SanFranLocal t1_j6f4s3x wrote

My mom and I did the same thing. Where’s my article?


daft__cunt t1_j6enhp3 wrote

Let’s hope he doesn’t get shot by police for looking happy.


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j6dx811 wrote

This sub really is just 90% feel good stories that you can barely call news eh?


JRHEvilInc t1_j6e2jy1 wrote

I mean... Most news organisations are just 90% rage click stories that you can barely call news. Seems fair to balance that out.


Solve63 t1_j6dxtfc wrote

Well its the point of the sub huh


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j6e4sx1 wrote

I personally would appreciate it more if it's actual news. Discoveries, positive societal change, good new legislature, etc.

Some 92 year old being reunited with her cat isn't much of a news items. Heck, perhaps we can technically classify it as such, but I hope you get what I mean.


Dizzyeer t1_j6eb1zh wrote

Bro nobody cares what you would personally appreciate lmao


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j6jk204 wrote

What a dumbass response to give on a fucking forum.


Dizzyeer t1_j6jot4r wrote

Next time don’t get your feelings hurt online hahahahah


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j6jpnta wrote

My feelings are hurt because I pointed out that some shitty article is barely news? Boy that's a bad read


Klaus0225 t1_j6eyphg wrote

You’re thinking all news needs to be on a level of international interest to be actual news? You don’t seem to know what news actually is… This is news. Whether it’s news you care about or not is a different story. But it’s still news. The little things make a big difference in how people see the world.

These stories are good for the mind. If you don’t like, keep scrolling. Don’t try and diminish the value this positivity, big and small, brings to people.


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j6jkf5q wrote

Yeah, it's technically news. I bloody well said that in my comment.


Klaus0225 t1_j6jokn5 wrote

> I personally would appreciate it more if it’s actual news

This implies you don’t believe it’s news.

Then saying:

> perhaps we can technically classify it as such

You said “perhaps” which means “maybe” so you’re still not calling it news.

So no, you did not say it was news in your comment.