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Agret t1_j6f9tll wrote

She's got two tiers of descendants so the loan can pass onto them, so bittersweet.


HeavyLogix t1_j6fqqu4 wrote

Federal loans are discharged on death. Private loans vary.


vasya349 t1_j6hloxr wrote

Descendants never pick up private loans either.


HeavyLogix t1_j6hnzwd wrote

Depends how you look at it. If they’re beneficiaries of an estate that was wiped out by loans then yeah they kind of picked up the tab


Kitchen_Music1302 t1_j6hrvh4 wrote

Sort of, but the lender can't take anything from the children. Like they can take the parents estate, but if the children has the money to pay the debt they are not legally obligated to.


HeavyLogix t1_j6hsv3b wrote

That’s what I said


Kitchen_Music1302 t1_j6hunuc wrote

Sure. I'm just pointing out it isn't a matter of perspective as to whether the children front any of the bill of not.


[deleted] t1_j6im7mf wrote



HeavyLogix t1_j6iseh5 wrote

say you stand to inherit a million dollars and the parent owed a million in loans. You could say the beneficiary paid that indirectly


vasya349 t1_j6jjxpg wrote

A person’s wealth is literally debt:assets. You can’t stand to inherit wealth if there isn’t any.


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HeavyLogix t1_j6jdjpi wrote

I know more precisely how it works. It’s all based on a contingency. If you define it as otherwise yours it would have been in that scenario. That is how it works. I’ve worked within probate and have my own trusts.

You refusing to understand how things work, using any words, doesn’t mean you know shit about any of this

Now, you will fuck off. 👋