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FaintDamnPraise t1_j6g1oq6 wrote

They will continue to send collection letters to your gravesite.


VerlinMerlin t1_j6gugiv wrote

Or children?


[deleted] t1_j6gvmje wrote



VerlinMerlin t1_j6gw1dt wrote

If it's private, they might have to I think.


Thoughtwolf t1_j6h2wpx wrote

In most provinces, countries, states, etc. only those who have signed the contract for the debt, and the "Estate" of someone who has passed away owes back debts. So things that you own are to be sold and liquidated to pay off debts. Once all debts have been paid, only then can things of the estate be given to heirs.

If you owe 80k and have 100k in the bank in cash, you can just pay it off. Then your house or car or belongings, etc. go straight to the heirs.

However if you owe 80k and have only 60k in assets, those things would have to be sold to pay off the estate's dues and there would be no inheritance.


De3NA t1_j6hao42 wrote

Correct. That’s why it’s better to “gift” the stuff before they pass