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Sebulano t1_j6ipjyl wrote

That covers the electrical bill for producing one serving bowl made out of green steel. This has been tested in Sweden already and we are going absolute suicide by planning to upscale this. One factory making green steel needs its own nuclear power plant of energy to produce without downtime it’s crazy when you think about it as we are doing wind based power now. How many windmills will you need per factory you think?


Ok_Champion6840 OP t1_j6j5wbc wrote

Never heard someone call a GW wind turbine a windmill except for former president the white scrotus. In any case, as with all other arguments around gas heat, gas stoves, etc, we need to leverage economies of scale to produce clean power and distribute it where needed for all kinds of uses. Thankfully it can be transmitted over wires, generated locally, accommodate virtual power plants, will benefit from nuclear fission or fusion (when or if that comes about) or hydro power or geothermal applications.