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Umjeprost t1_j6ofd7n wrote

They could've done this 10 years ago but no, they were happy about status quo until Russia got crazy.


AjaxBrozovic t1_j6ogyed wrote

Solar technology has improved leaps and bounds in the past 10 years, making it more affordable. It's easy to make demands for something to be done earlier but you have to take R&D into account.


Umjeprost t1_j6ohk5o wrote

I know Germany has wasted a ton of money on solar and wind but there's nuclear as well. The political will to change was definitely missing and is now expedited because of Russia.


Danne660 t1_j6p411a wrote

No they could not have, 10 years ago the price per watt was something like four times as high.


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kuriteru t1_j6nt4r1 wrote

they shut down the vast majority of their other nuclear, coal and lng power plants causing an energy crisis thats forcing people to revert to wood fire heating their homes while wearing half their wardrobes, all to try and prove a hairbrained globalist point


SilverNicktail t1_j6nyj8h wrote

Hahah what absolute bollocks. I think the energy crisis might have been caused by a certain nation deciding to start a certain invasion, no? Followed by that free market conservatives love so much enabling massive price gouging? You know there's no actual shortage of supply right?

Oh hang on, you're whingeing about "globalism", so I'm gonna guess you haven't got the best grasp of the European energy market.