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chewwydraper t1_jege9rq wrote

>70k€ here would be very comfortable.

In fairness $70K€ would be over $100K in my country (Canada) so yeah that'd be quite a bit more comfortable.

Here in Canada and specifically the province I work for (Quebec) after tax the take-home pay is around $4K/month. There's monthly stuff I didn't list on there such as cell phone bill ($80+) internet ($80+) groceries (skyrocketted this year, can easily hit $150/week or $600/month) gas (currently spend $200/month), utilities ($100-ish/month), and then other odds and ends. It really doesn't leave that much leftover.


Attarker t1_jegaba1 wrote

This is going to be a thorn in the side of employers until they wake up and realize this. It recently dawned on me that the only way I will acquire any wealth is by means outside of a traditional job since those don’t pay worth a shit anymore. No reason to go the extra mile in any job I have in the future. I‘ll be saving my energy for things that will actually make a difference for me.


FaolanG t1_jeg0a1y wrote

Seriously! I really would love to see a world in which we could change the model they utilize and see a large effort to reintroduce these wonderful creatures back into the wild.

There will always be a place for rescues and a shift to large, adequate pens, to rehabilitate them in could be incredible for our understanding of marine life. If there were a camera system where people could view them in a somewhat natural habitat and learn about them I’d love to see that be the future of this sort of industry.

Not only is it better for their health and happiness, but it makes these sort of things so much more accessible for children everywhere and of all backgrounds to learn about sea life and maybe find a passion of their own!


ohwhatta_gooseiam t1_jefxtov wrote

I don't know how to interpret this:

>*'Quality of life is priceless' >This year is the first one the survey conducted by Infojobs specifically sought the reason for quitting a job, showing the importance of emotional well-being for workers and their reduced focus on financial motives.

I mean, I can guess through context clues, but damn, it's making my head hurt trying to understand. looks like the author did a bunch of re writing of that section, but never tied it all together. or maybe a translation issue from French to English?

Is it saying that this is the first survey by infojobs in which participants were asked why they quit their job, and it found that the number one reason was for emotional well-being?


Mauzolini t1_jefucq9 wrote

You put it perfectly. At the end of the day our mental health is the most important thing to protect. Our society, unfortunately, is currently designed to use us up & spit us out.

It’s up to us, collectively, to do our best to protect our wellbeing. Keep doing what you’re doing. It sounds like you’ve got it figured out.


Fausterion18 t1_jefpp9c wrote

>The “American” dream was real a long time ago. People could buy homes and afford food and amenities on a single parent salary.

Lmao if by "homes" you mean a 700 sqft shack and "food" you mean spending more money on food than Americans do today(as percentage of income) despite having someone to do cooking full time, sure.