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I-tell-you-hwat t1_jefdtia wrote

The “American” dream was real a long time ago. People could buy homes and afford food and amenities on a single parent salary.

Somewhere along the line it was taken away. They kept taking their raises and consolidated businesses down to only a handful of “big” companies while giving nothing in return. Record profits &unemployment numbers all at the same time.

Capitalism takes and takes and takes and offers nothing in return. They lobby OUR voted in politicians. They take over smaller companies. They pat themselves on the back for recod breaking profits while walking their offices “layoffs for you! Layoffs for you. You too!” They scream to come back into offices not to help YOU but to make themselves more important and to not break contracts for the office space. Especially when you could do 100% of you work remotely.

When you look at the way the world is moving, it almost has a quality of “purposeful corruption”.

“Its a Feature not a bug”


WileyQuixote42 t1_jefacyj wrote


The Dream, American or otherwise, has been shown to be just that: a fantasy. Or more accurately, capitalist propaganda.

But now all I really want is my boring, simple little life. The job gets the minimum, both in effort and hours. Period.

Everything else gets my passion and what’s left of my time.


chewwydraper t1_jef62m4 wrote

Can't speak for the people of Spain, but what I can tell you is here in Canada it's gotten so unaffordable that I've just given up on "the dream".

I make a decent salary, around $70K. It isn't enough to afford a home or to build a comfortable savings after rent + student loans + car insurance, etc. are paid. So now I just simply don't give a fuck. I'm not overly dedicated to my job, because why would I be? It's not building me a life. It doesn't even keep up with inflation. I will 100% put my mental health first at this point, because what else do I have?


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Alexexy t1_jef1fso wrote

I do have female friends but I'm also a man.

I'm gonna make it very clear to you. It's like you telling me that you're lonely and then I'm telling you that you need to be friends with a gay man due to the potential level of sexual intimacy.

Now you might be completely ok having a gay friend but adding that level of potential sexual aggression is not the panacea you're claiming it to be.


Huge-Buddy655 t1_jeekw5p wrote

Can we get an invasive species line of shoes?

They don’t have to be made of the invasive species, just a little fine print that “a portion of the profits are used to help reduce invasive species X in the region of Y.”

Or even just “the sale of this shoe will cull X of the species Y in the region of Z.”