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keenkonggg t1_j6t8jao wrote

Jet fuel must be cheap.


_former_self t1_j6tcbhl wrote

Are they actually going to Cincinnati afterwards?


SEA_tide t1_j6vhzd4 wrote

More accurately, the aircraft is flying to the part of Kentucky nearest Cincinnati. The airport code CVG stands for Covington, Kentucky, though the airport itself is called Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Kentucky is a very popular base for air cargo as CVG and SDF (Louisville) have lots of land for warehouses and are centrally located. Tennessee and Indiana are also quite popular. For shipments between North America and Asia, Alaska, especially Anchorage, is actually the ideal cargo hub location as it allows for better fuel economy (aircraft don't need to reduce cargo capacity in order to carry more fuel for longer flights) and the federal government waives certain cabotage laws, thus allowing foreign airlines to switch cargo between aircraft for the domestic US portion.


poisondart90 t1_j6vdcth wrote

Lmao 11 minutes early departure and 42 minutes late arrival — go figure


LCDJosh t1_j6v6lzj wrote

Sad to see it go, I consider the 747 to be one of the most beautiful aircraft built. Truly an example of form AND function.


cft4nh t1_j6th178 wrote

Pretty cool but also considering how loud 747s are I’m sure anyone on the ground was like WTF!?


[deleted] t1_j6thvl7 wrote



cft4nh t1_j6tprap wrote

The FlightAware image above says that its at 12,800' but still much higher than what the Seattle metro usually hears thats true. I was once out on the Straight of Juan de Fuca in summertime and a Boeing test flight flew over doing test maneuvers at ~2000' now that was loud and annoying.


carrierael77 t1_j6vs89w wrote

I live on Camano and between the Naval base & Payne it is window rattling loud almost daily.


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6ti9np wrote

there's an airport in Moses lake, they're pretty used to low flying plane noise, however this one was already pretty high up when it flew the formation.


Lokehualiilii t1_j6tkij3 wrote

I think it’s 747


etcpt t1_j6tn0fq wrote

Inside a crown for the "Queen of the Skies".


mknyr1234 t1_j6us03p wrote

Last, as in final ever 747 model, or just the most recently produced?


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6us7iv wrote

final 747 produced. they stopped production on passenger 747s years ago, and were only doing cargo planes. onto bigger and better models


Wellcraft19 t1_j6wg9qq wrote

True, as a ‘full production’. There are still the two 747 ‘AirForce One’ to be completed - or rather ‘modified’ - for the Government.

If I recall, they are passenger versions that never were delivered and as such became a sweeter deal for Pentagon, than building brand new planes.

The flight pattern today is a stunning reminder to an era of endless achievements in aviation.


fordry t1_j6v0zv8 wrote

*Not bigger...


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6v5jhz wrote

some are bigger, some are better.

so nitpicky up in here.


fordry t1_j6v8vu8 wrote

What is bigger?


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6vaadg wrote



fordry t1_j6vbo1x wrote

It may be longer but it doesn't have more capacity, particularly cargo, and the 747 body is bigger overall than it is.


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6vbyd4 wrote

do you just go around nitpickingly correcting people all day? some have longer bodies, some have wider wingspans, but whatever the case, i used it as the phrase "on to bigger and better things". jesus, man.


millencolin360 t1_j6vlwbf wrote

To be fair, you said “bigger and better models” not “bigger and better things”.


MakerGrey t1_j6vhrb9 wrote

Longer, larger wingspan, can carry around the same number of people depending on class configuration, is cheaper for cargo with the -8. The list goes on.


fordry t1_j6v1g62 wrote

Boeing is not making any more of them ever, almost certainly. Engine reliability has resulted in twin engine planes being usable for any flights and they are more economical. Pair that with a shift toward more direct flights between mid size cities that don't require a plane that big and the 747 has fallen out of favor with passenger airlines, and cargo is also not as interested in them.


AliveAndThenSome t1_j6uw8pe wrote

That is cool, similar to the '12' flown before Superbowl XLVIII

I know a 747-8 pilot for Atlas and hope she gets a chance to fly her soon and share pics.


mityman50 t1_j6uys5i wrote

How long did someone need to spend crunching numbers to get the flight path to look so good?


eyeoxe t1_j6vion2 wrote

Who do you think you are plane, you're not an Etch A Sketch. Gawsh!


anybodyiwant2be t1_j6uj8hb wrote

I saw the first 747 at Vandenberg Air Force base when they flew it down and it was parked there. My uncle worked at Vandenberg and took us out there when we were visiting one weekend


katcomesback t1_j6uz1ms wrote

now for them to release more 777


MakerGrey t1_j6vbuki wrote

The -9 is such a cool airplane, but I’m biased because I work on them. I also can’t wait until production re-starts.


katcomesback t1_j6vhpmn wrote

I love the tankers, as does my son. he got to see my partners work (the plane he worked on) when we went to family day


MakerGrey t1_j6vi4q7 wrote

More power to ya. I was in the 67 group for a minute and dealing with hand drawn engineering from the Carter administration is sometimes a bit challenging. But we’re delivering them and that’s what counts.


katcomesback t1_j6vi9cg wrote

Everett had been super behind lately and it’s been crazy ot, hopefully you aren’t mandated!


MakerGrey t1_j6vj1ae wrote

No ot yet but I’m on the X so we’ll see what happens when it picks back up.


katcomesback t1_j6vj6i5 wrote

hopefully it remains decently calm, at least boeing calm. I definitely see why people call it the family/marriage killer but it’s fascinating and now my kids want to work there


Prowling_Owl t1_j6ymood wrote

Update when done please


cyalknight t1_j71cwzw wrote

Visit link in top comment. Spelled out "747" with the crown.


jrhoffa t1_j6tehad wrote

It is destination?


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6tfrgl wrote



yellandtell t1_j6v9wb8 wrote

Who. Cares.


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6vaqft wrote

lots of people do.


yellandtell t1_j6vau67 wrote

It makes no sense, the 747 is nothing special. I guess a fool is born every day.


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6vb4iz wrote

it was the first "jumbo jet", literally an icon of aviation history since the late 60s. chill with the pessimissy-pissy.


yellandtell t1_j6vbavm wrote

And...who cares about aviation history? The plane was developed a long time ago and is being retired because it's no longer relevant.

Rather be a pessimist than a boomer.


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6vbegv wrote

again, lots of people do.


yellandtell t1_j6vbg13 wrote

Boeing doesn't...and they own it.


Chinpokomonz OP t1_j6vbkcl wrote

Boeing is the one who planned this final delivery flight. you're probably fun at parties though.


MakerGrey t1_j6vcj17 wrote

Lots of people care about aviation history. And while I’m excited about the 777X, an airplane that will do everything and more a 47 can do and do it better, the 47 is an iconic airplane that defined the careers of thousands in the region. Its ending production is a big deal even if you don’t care about it.