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PiningForTheFnords t1_j90316x wrote

It’s not what you’re referring to, but this solid black one is hopefully going to be a thing soon:

There’s a link in there to support both the house and senate bills.


Recent-Campaign911 t1_j91wuwc wrote

This makes the most sense to me especially if your driving around Tacoma Seattle often. I'm sure the LeMay family and friends, associates etc. Have some kind of access to them already at least temporarily.


dalethedogg t1_j8zqb5c wrote


deafballboy t1_j8zumry wrote

Daamnnn 'bout to cop that square dancing drip


Spin737 t1_j903g0p wrote

Allamande left and a do-si-do?


archaemes t1_j90dd1m wrote

It’s Promenade! At least, that’s how I remember it when I last heard it at age 10 so many moons ago 🤣


berniehanders t1_j909uj8 wrote

I still have yet to see anyone with the J.P. Patches Pal plate, and I’ve been to all four corners of the state. That one gets me every time.


AvoidantBoba t1_j93eg4d wrote

It’s terrifying, I want to get it for my partner as a gift 😆


Bamcfp t1_j93evaq wrote

Those parks and nature ones are sick


Trailhawkfishnsh00t t1_j8zm20s wrote

You are probably seeing the California transplants cars


sirguynate t1_j91z1j0 wrote

Probably spot on here. California has had black throwback plates for awhile now. Oregon has their dark navy blue Pacific Wonderland throwback plates. New Mexico has black novelty plates with chilis.


12thMemory t1_j8zlz2b wrote

Are you sure they are Washington state plates? I see quite a few New Mexico ones that are black with red and green chilies.


Dick_Cabesa OP t1_j900ugu wrote

Washington Plates for sure. Black background and white lettering. No special association with colleges, sports, etc.

And I don’t think that they are antique plates. I’ll try to get a pic when I see one next


PNWCoug42 t1_j93bna1 wrote

I'm almost positive those plates aren't legal. I haven't seen any plates you're describing in my area but I do see every other plate design our state offers. I would guess the owners of the plates your seeing are banking on cops not caring to issue a ticket if their number comes up correct and they have tags.


katcomesback t1_j903n8k wrote

many car guys get them for imports and some people legally black out their plates?


hyrailer t1_j90kat7 wrote

How do you "legally" black-out a license plate?


katcomesback t1_j90l9ae wrote

I know people who painted or spray painted it black with colored stickers over the letters, usually white then put tabs on it


hyrailer t1_j90mcoy wrote

Seen that too, but deliberately changing the face of a plate is against the law, for a very good reason.


katcomesback t1_j90me5d wrote

oh, I guess they got lucky then as they’re jdm guys and have never been pulled over


hyrailer t1_j90u2gh wrote

It's not just luck. In the last 2 years, a lot of patrol officers just aren't lighting people up for stuff like this, so what you're telling me isn't surprising at all.


Unwieldy_GuineaPig t1_j8zqrjf wrote

Montana has black plates and is known as a place where people register expensive/exotic cars to avoid taxes.


doberdevil t1_j91tv6j wrote

My city just added more fees for licensing. Maybe it's time to register my 10 year old Ford in Montana.


ahaadonut t1_j8zkou9 wrote

? Are you only seeing them on really old cars or any random car?


Dick_Cabesa OP t1_j900lqi wrote

Newer cars, just saw a newer Yukon today and a newer Jeep a few weeks ago


margotcedar t1_j998y6n wrote

I saw one the other day in Issaquah and it was, as you’re saying, a black plate that said Washington in white. I’m not sure where they’re coming from, but it was definitely a Washington plate.


krs1000red t1_j8zs8b9 wrote

I feel like specialty antique or classic car plates are black with white lettering.


indifferentdespair t1_j91p5jj wrote

They could be vehicles owned and operated by the state perhaps? I know federal plates are typically solid white with black lettering/numbering.


sirguynate t1_j91zi79 wrote

If they were truly Washington plates, then the only other possibility is Reviver Plate. I believe they are rolling out testing now in Washington State. Reviver Plates are electronic license plates.

Otherwise: California has black novelty plates. Oregon has deep navy blue Pacific Wonderland novelty plates, and New Mexico has black novelty plates with chili peppers.