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12thMemory t1_j8zlz2b wrote

Are you sure they are Washington state plates? I see quite a few New Mexico ones that are black with red and green chilies.


Dick_Cabesa OP t1_j900ugu wrote

Washington Plates for sure. Black background and white lettering. No special association with colleges, sports, etc.

And I don’t think that they are antique plates. I’ll try to get a pic when I see one next


PNWCoug42 t1_j93bna1 wrote

I'm almost positive those plates aren't legal. I haven't seen any plates you're describing in my area but I do see every other plate design our state offers. I would guess the owners of the plates your seeing are banking on cops not caring to issue a ticket if their number comes up correct and they have tags.


katcomesback t1_j903n8k wrote

many car guys get them for imports and some people legally black out their plates?


hyrailer t1_j90kat7 wrote

How do you "legally" black-out a license plate?


katcomesback t1_j90l9ae wrote

I know people who painted or spray painted it black with colored stickers over the letters, usually white then put tabs on it


hyrailer t1_j90mcoy wrote

Seen that too, but deliberately changing the face of a plate is against the law, for a very good reason.


katcomesback t1_j90me5d wrote

oh, I guess they got lucky then as they’re jdm guys and have never been pulled over


hyrailer t1_j90u2gh wrote

It's not just luck. In the last 2 years, a lot of patrol officers just aren't lighting people up for stuff like this, so what you're telling me isn't surprising at all.