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SCROTOCTUS t1_j96cipx wrote

"Remains?! REMAINS?! I'll show you remains you insignificant mammalian blip in history! I was here before time existed as a concept! I am a doorway to the fury of the Earth! I have blanketed the land with ash and devastation beyond the horizon. Your frail assertions cannot begin to define my being!"

Blows up again.


phonofloss t1_j96d9yt wrote

> I am a doorway to the fury of the Earth!

What a great phrase! What a great volcano.


quartzyquirky t1_j977ae4 wrote

The outrage!

Apologies on behalf of this halfwit, dear Mountain Goddess. We accept your greatness. Please calm down and and don’t blow up on us again.


Me-Here-Now t1_j98hpeh wrote

Dearest Beautiful Mountain, We tiny mere mortals can arrange a sacrifice, if it would please you and persuade you to not blow your top again. I'm pretty sure u/PrettyDryPerry is available. Sincerly, All of us.


TasteMessage t1_j98c7mt wrote

So stunning with snow! I’ve only flown over it during the summer so to see this view with snow is pretty neat. 🤩


n1k0me t1_j96s66f wrote

Please don’t let her hear you call her remains.


Bigbluebananas t1_j97564w wrote

Did you know that mt saint helens has the only growing glacier in the continental US, as well as being one of the most active volcanos in the continental us!


Stabbymcappleton t1_j9854sp wrote

Just FYI if you visit: bring a sun hat, sunblock, and a shitload of water and snacks. There’s zero shade out on the flats. The nearest restaurant is all the way down in Cougar, and they take tourists to the cleaners. Same with gas. Fill up in Woodland, Kalama, or Castle Rock. Before anything else, call USFS Gifford Pinchot in Vancouver for road conditions. They can be pretty rough.
E: If you know where to look on Johnston Ridge, there’s a very small marker where Johnston was sitting when he got obliterated.


Bigbluebananas t1_j98i4om wrote

I made the summit last year and got hit with heat exhaustion hard. Id add, the early you start the better. Heat on the hillside is very deceptive!


kgbslip t1_j96x01w wrote

Yea but have you seen the remains of mnt Rainier?


RainCityRogue t1_j99hodg wrote

Mt Rainier would have looked like this 5400 years ago after the Osceola event.


Stabbymcappleton t1_j974fib wrote

It’s actually grown back significantly since 1980. Watched it happen. I got to watch her erupt again in 2006. She seems to have chilled out for now.


Bigbluebananas t1_j976v39 wrote

Shes grown over 500m! Since her eruption in the 84


twardnw t1_j993ky8 wrote

*inside the crater. The height of the rim hasn't increased


Bigbluebananas t1_j993n7c wrote

The new cone forming in the middle has grown 500m, youre right!


TopRevenue2 t1_j9748p8 wrote

Getting bigger every day


Konbattou-Onbattou t1_j96u0p3 wrote

Those are logs floating on that lake


Bigbluebananas t1_j974p7x wrote

Spirit lake was a beautiful lake in its prime, still recovering though. Did you know when all the lahar and sediment and trees rushed into the lake it sent a "splash" up several hundred feet into the air!


eagle14410 t1_j97u3uc wrote

About a 800 foot wave, hence how all the logs got in the lake.


Stabbymcappleton t1_j984008 wrote

That and they were already airborne.


eagle14410 t1_j992lxr wrote

The trees didn’t fly, hence the look of them all laying flat like toothpicks. The pyroclastic flow blew the trees over, then the North side of the mountain collapsed, causing a landslide that pushed the water out of the lakebed, up the hillside, and pulled all the fallen trees on the north side hill above the lake.


Jamieobda t1_j98ulaj wrote

We need that snow pack for summer


Pookells t1_j9ds3su wrote

I’ve seen that view numerous times from flying to and from Seattle! I love how the one half of Helens looks like a giant ramp