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SassyBananaPants t1_j9uluc5 wrote

is this Nachez Peak loop trail?


pretty pic!


jhawkweapon OP t1_j9umw4j wrote

Thanks! This is the Summerland Trail in the Sunrise portion of Mt Rainier NP. It’s a 10.1 mile, out-and-back hike with 2,600 feet of elevation gain (Moderate to difficult). Anyone can hike here (June through October-ish), but you need a permit to camp.


emmaistall t1_j9v4soe wrote

I knew I recognized that climb!!!


jhawkweapon OP t1_j9v7thf wrote

It's amazing how I can recognize a specific trail from a single picture along miles of trees, but I need to bust out a calculator to remember how old I am. 🀣


Optimific t1_j9wdioe wrote

love love love this


GreenThumbFun t1_j9wt6c6 wrote

Great composition. Beautiful image. Feels very fairy like.


jhawkweapon OP t1_j9wtdx7 wrote

Thank you! πŸ™ I thought the same. I'm so glad we got a late start and hike to the campsite during sunset. The colors really were magical


tuscangal t1_j9wx902 wrote

I can feel and smell this photo! Jonesing for hiking season to start