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deafballboy t1_j9wmw4i wrote

Is that the Goat Rocks with Adams in the distance?


jhawkweapon OP t1_j9wpk7z wrote

I believe that is the Tatoosh mountain range with Adams in the distance, but I could be mistaken.


deafballboy t1_j9wt9i7 wrote

You're right, Tatoosh is the closer one.

Gorgeous photo


ondietmm1 t1_j9xhbed wrote

What a gorgeous shot! Thank you for sharing. May I ask what time of the year was this photo taken at? Canโ€™t wait to get out there soon!


jhawkweapon OP t1_j9yvfu2 wrote

This photo was taken August 6th 2022. Even though it's covered in snow right now, it's a great place to snowshoe during the winter!


[deleted] t1_j9wj9mx wrote

Gorgeous! We did Skyline late last year, couldn't believe some of the views.


dberthia t1_j9x5ot8 wrote

I'll be heading there from Minnesota for a couple days of photography in early May. Any tips? Wondering what will still be snowed-in and where to position myself for some good sunrises & sunsets. I realize the clouds can be hit or miss. I figure if it's clouded over I'll look for some waterfalls. I'll be staying in Ashford.


NinetyNine90 t1_ja5vrdj wrote

In may, most stuff will still be snowed in. You might look into renting snowshoes. Paradise should be accessible but the trails will be snowy.

The clouds are a concern for sure. May and June in particular are much cloudier here than in MN.

This picture is almost certainly in mid-July, and you can still see snow.


dberthia t1_ja64sox wrote

Thanks- that's about what I was expecting.


NinetyNine90 t1_ja5x4bg wrote

>This picture is almost certainly in mid-July, and you can still see snow.

Actually more like August..


Duskangel1 t1_j9zli44 wrote

Mt Adams is so beautiful!