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datscrazee OP t1_j9x9f9u wrote

Brinnon! Super small town on the Peninsula. Not even really a town, it’s technically a census designated place lol.


MarmotMossBay t1_j9xdy8r wrote

I love Brinnon. We have camped at Dosewallips a few times. So many elk and they are so BIG!


datscrazee OP t1_j9xeap4 wrote

It’s a beautiful spot! The type you can camp in the forest on a whim, but driving to the nearest Walmart or Safeway is a commitment haha. It has trade offs but I’m happy here


MarmotMossBay t1_ja55jgt wrote

Yeah I’m having a little fomo but I’d still rather be here. ( Jefferson county)


avitar35 t1_j9yxjbq wrote

Even more special then. They're Roosevelt elk, not the commonly found Rocky Mountain elk. You'll only find roosies west of I5


newt_girl t1_j9z0ikj wrote

I see elk almost every time I head up the Dose. Love that area.


datscrazee OP t1_ja1v10d wrote

Hell yeah, there’s always something to do down the dose (Imma start saying that lol) or Duckabush! Hamma Hamma rd also, but that’s kinda more south