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aztechunter t1_ja3l8e9 wrote

...they couldn't just raise 50 cents in taxes?


bonbam t1_ja3rd2c wrote

The city of Vancouver just narrowly passed a tax levee to benefit our public schools. It worked out to a whole whopping $1.99/1k assessed on property taxes (which was replacing a $2.01 levee, so we actually gained money) and still people were acting like they were being forced to become homeless.

Never assume people would rather pay a negligible amount in taxes; even if you tell them if $1 for the whole year they will act like you're trying to be some authoritarian dictator. Absolutely exhausting.


scough t1_ja42vgd wrote

I always vote in favor of these levees, but I can also understand why people are sick of the feeling that they're being nickel and dimed. WA literally has the most regressive tax system in the US that disproportionately affects those with lower incomes, while the rich get to skate by with around a 2% effective tax rate. WA very heavily favors corporations and the rich.


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bonbam t1_ja4prfo wrote

I wasn't saying the approved levee was negligible, that was in reference to the .50 cent tax the person i was replying to said. Could have made myself clearer.

I agree that 1k is not negligible; i also think we are super lucky to not pay state income tax and that the state needs to make up the money somewhere. I'd rather pay this property tax increase in that framing, which is how i tend to view these things.


Librekrieger t1_ja4gu2f wrote

That measly $2 is actually $1000 per year for any house within 10 miles of where I live. Ask me to pay $1000 this year for something, and it better be something I really support. It isn't a "negligible amount".

I don't automatically vote to give $1k a year to "education". Nobody should. The measure must clearly state what the money is going to be used for and it better be a good reason. Otherwise I have other things I could use that $1k for.


SparrowAgnew t1_ja5vrjx wrote

Don't say the dreaded T-word or you'll upset the wealthy elite.


Timetohavereddit t1_ja6l68q wrote

That’s not how that works, they don’t care about the budget and how much they can use on the city they care about the pay check they will receive themselves