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CheckmateApostates t1_ja4bwei wrote

You need to lay off the pipe if you think Spokane would actually spend the money on a bus ticket for a homeless person


avitar35 t1_ja4vkw7 wrote

I must've missed the part where I called out Spokane directly. I know this is how Ellensburg and Yakima operate. Frankly, its way less expensive for the bus ticket than to fund shelters, blankets, etc.


CheckmateApostates t1_ja5glcu wrote

Ellensburg and Yakima are in Central Washington

Edit: btw, Ellensburg is the home of Central Washington University and the City of Yakima literally says on its website that it's in Central Washington.

Wenatchee, WSDOT, and State Parks also distinguish Central from eastern, so idk man


avitar35 t1_ja5o20s wrote

East of the cascades is eastern wa, west of the cascades is western wa. This is how it’s commonly referred to.


CheckmateApostates t1_ja6utg3 wrote

Commonly referred to by people who don't live east of the Cascades or know the geography of our state