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Sacredgeometry12 t1_jarp4vg wrote

Aren’t they cutting 100 acres in Lewis county of old growth forest? What can we do to stop this?


Snushine t1_jas6f63 wrote

Maybe see if these folks are on alert about it?


Sacredgeometry12 t1_jasp1mc wrote

I will definitely look into that. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to people chaining themselves to trees.


Snushine t1_jasu6zs wrote

Hopefully there's a lawsuit underway already and you can simply do some ground truthing for them.


itstreeman t1_jauvddj wrote

I have some free time in my schedule I could chain myself to something on the west side. I would benefit from getting out of the Spokane snow


Tellingtruths t1_jastzx7 wrote

Actively discourage out of state people from moving over. More people= more urban development and materials ( wood) needed for housing.


datscrazee t1_jatomrs wrote

The news cycle has been reporting the state department of commerce has determined Washington will need a million new homes over the next 20 years, so they’re definitely prepping us for this it seems


datumerrata t1_jasj06j wrote

You can look up their permit here and see if there's grounds to contest it


Sacredgeometry12 t1_jasphzr wrote

I hope there is. I would be interested in doing so. I had to witness a massacre of forest I grew up with and it’s been something I can’t truly heal from. I really think we need to protect our forests. We already have quite a bit of forests for timber specifically. I grew up around it.


datumerrata t1_jat2dnf wrote

The DNR pretty much rubber stamps permits for logging as long as they pay the fee. I think the logging fee is around $10k. If there's an avenue for change that's it. It may be a matter of ensuring existing rules are upheld or it could take getting the rules changed. I'm not getting into that legal quagmire though. Go for it. Get the details and talk to the DNR and other folks that have an interest in a better regulated process


Sacredgeometry12 t1_jat3rl5 wrote

Ok cool I pulled up the website and I will call. I also plan to contact legislative. This is just not something I agree with and want more understanding of why. I literally grew and still live close to multiple giant “working” forests. I know there are many more. I see what they are doing out on the Olympic peninsula and it’s frustrating and heartbreaking. I feel like we have to stand up to this bs.


[deleted] t1_jau33bh wrote

But demo’s are all for the environment what happened lol


KittenKoder t1_jat44kr wrote

The best part about Washington is our wildlife.


adnelik t1_jatmmlt wrote

We have an insane biodiverse landscape, it’s pretty incredible


klisto1 t1_jaui6v0 wrote

I thought our governor was the governor of the environment and global warming. How could he let this happen on his watch.


Enchanting_Smith t1_jb1aoaz wrote

Sadly in our reality profit trumps environment. Washington's destroying so much of what makes it beautiful. Why is it always "peoples" fault though? Its usually companies, politicians, celebrities and other people who make huge profit off destroying land who are at fault - I can buy all the reusable straws and protest as much as I want, but it's not just a "people" problem.