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12thMemory t1_jbmnejz wrote

Ocean Shores isn’t exactly the first place I would think of for boat tours and definitely not for whale watching. It also looks like the only option is temporary closed and would only give you access to the inland waterways.

The big draw for OS is the miles of beach to explore. You can rent electric scooters or bikes. Great place to fly kites. Horseback rides along the Pacific Ocean. You can even drive your car on the beach, where allowed. Sunsets are extraordinary there. One of my favorite places to be, for sure.


Purple_Pea4691 OP t1_jbmohtw wrote

Yea I thought it was worth a shot. I googled & yelped & had a hard time finding anything. My parents are taking my son & I over there & I’m trying to find something not as active to do-my dad has feet problems. We love boating on lakes so I thought if I could find a lil ocean cruise that would be cool.

I’m pretty excited to see the sunsets! I looked around here on Reddit & am excited to see what treasures we will find on the beach. Thanks for responding 🙂


12thMemory t1_jbmuf1e wrote

Once you get there you will understand why ocean cruises aren’t really a thing. Because of your dad, driving on the beach and getting out to explore might be your best bet. If you haven’t found a place to stay, I recommend the Shilo Inn. It is as close to the beach as you will get, with only the sand dunes separating you. The rooms also have a private balcony with ocean views. In the morning and evenings you can watch the local deer grazing as well.

The Shilo is also located right next to a beach drive on spot and across the street from the electric bike/scooter rental place. Bennett’s Fish Shack is also close by and the food was yummy.

I hope your family has an amazing time. Depending on when exactly you go, it could still be a bit off season so places may not be open or they have some unusual hours.


Purple_Pea4691 OP t1_jbmx82b wrote

We’re going the 1st week of April during our spring break. We’re staying at the casino, mom loves slot machines 😂 I think I’ll be able to take my son out to be a lil more active, so thank you for all of your suggestions.

Last year I took my son over to Daytona Beach/Orlando/New Smyrna FL so I’m sure this will be a huge change of pace compared to that.