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12thMemory t1_jbmuf1e wrote

Once you get there you will understand why ocean cruises aren’t really a thing. Because of your dad, driving on the beach and getting out to explore might be your best bet. If you haven’t found a place to stay, I recommend the Shilo Inn. It is as close to the beach as you will get, with only the sand dunes separating you. The rooms also have a private balcony with ocean views. In the morning and evenings you can watch the local deer grazing as well.

The Shilo is also located right next to a beach drive on spot and across the street from the electric bike/scooter rental place. Bennett’s Fish Shack is also close by and the food was yummy.

I hope your family has an amazing time. Depending on when exactly you go, it could still be a bit off season so places may not be open or they have some unusual hours.


Purple_Pea4691 OP t1_jbmx82b wrote

We’re going the 1st week of April during our spring break. We’re staying at the casino, mom loves slot machines 😂 I think I’ll be able to take my son out to be a lil more active, so thank you for all of your suggestions.

Last year I took my son over to Daytona Beach/Orlando/New Smyrna FL so I’m sure this will be a huge change of pace compared to that.