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BreaghaGreenEyes t1_jbqtwwd wrote

I know it's bad, but I miss that smell. It reminds me of home, Eastern Washington. Whenever I go back, it starts getting smokey about Leavenworth. As soon as I smell that distict smell, I know I'm home.


monkey_trumpets t1_jbqzgre wrote


BreaghaGreenEyes t1_jc0t9oa wrote

Lol get over yourself. I said it makes me think of home not that I enjoy it. Half my hometown burned down a couple years ago. Kick rocks.


BreaghaGreenEyes t1_jc0texv wrote

People like you are the reason people on the coast hate East siders. roll eyes Thanks for reminding me why I deleted Reddit lol


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jbsc2gz wrote

…..dude. This smell is traumatizing for how long we have to live with it, choking on it. No.


BreaghaGreenEyes t1_jc0sr4b wrote

I agree! It's just a smell I associate with home. I don't want to say exactly where I lived, but right in the middle of it. I have many friends and family members who lost animals, homes, and one ever lost her baby in the fires.