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aagusgus t1_jbr09b6 wrote

That was probably the worst two week stretch I've experienced. Peak covid, and then you couldn't breathe or go outside.


ImaginaryCaramel t1_jbrcrsz wrote

My mental health has really started tanking during the summers.. they weren't like this when I was a kid (I'm only in my 20s), with the smoke and weeks on end of 90°+ weather. I struggle to cope with the stark reality of climate change.


Imaginarybluntallday t1_jbuck6l wrote

I feel this as a PNW/Washington baby that has now grown up and has to adult. Moving sounds great, but looking into it, it’s terrifying too


Darn_210 t1_jbr8vdh wrote

It was so wild and like memory holed by everyone it seems like. Couldn’t go inside offices or buildings with air conditioning because Covid, couldn’t open windows too cool our house because of smoke, and it was so hot and no one has air conditioning here. And weirdly we thought the post office was going to implode or something so I bought too many stamps…weird weird.


IamYouamI123 OP t1_jbr4j38 wrote

It was so depressing, tough times. I hate the damn smoke!


jrhoffa t1_jbr6hhv wrote

Originally exactly the time I was asking a realtor to run around town to find us a place to buy. Not nearly as bad as the Orange Day in the Bay Area.


tgande1951 t1_jbqr8u1 wrote

I can smell and taste it.


no_nonsense_206 t1_jbqpnyx wrote

That was brutal. Helped move a boat and spent days coughing and hacking


dryheat_ t1_jbqu1ce wrote

After hyping up the mountains, coasts and woods here to a childhood friend who had never left Arizona, he landed here on 9/22/20 for hiking visit.

He was still blown away at the woods here but I was dying inside the whole time.


IamYouamI123 OP t1_jbr59bt wrote

Hahaha wow of course! It’s always risky inviting people after July and August, those are the months I tell everyone to come visit.


AchingForTheLashe t1_jbs4pab wrote

This and the 2021 heat dome make me dread summer a little bit.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jbscggl wrote

And last year 2022 we in Seattle broke records for days 90F and above… plus the bolt creek fire and others that burned for like 2months…. Summers here are ultra short glory then they end down the shitter :( makes me nervous for summer too.

Good reminder for people to get a portable AC unit or 2 before they sell out in summer…


ASacredWorm t1_jcae9ap wrote

The bolt creek fire was near us and we had a whole day of ash raining down on us. It was awful. The concern of evacuating had me in a slight panic. I hope this year's snow and rain brings us a comfortable summer with no fires.


chaotic137 t1_jbq7trr wrote

Where this at?


IamYouamI123 OP t1_jbr49i4 wrote

I can’t remember off the top of my head, I know that day I was driving back from St. Helens and I saw this little island in the smoke so I pulled over and took a photo.


TryingToBeHere t1_jbqtsc1 wrote

Probably "Baby Island" (aka Round Island) in Willapa Bay


781nnylasil t1_jbrxj45 wrote

Yes I have driven too Long Beach to see my grandparents for the last 30 years and had named it evergreen island/almost there island. I never knew it had a name! But I automatically thought that’s what this was when I saw it.


ohiking t1_jbqq3v9 wrote

That must be chuckanaut island!


ClassicManeuver t1_jbr26f5 wrote



arcanepsyche t1_jbrf632 wrote

Like 10 of them. It was a period of about a week where all the smoke from Oregon and Washington fires (huge, huge fires) just stuck. No breeze at all, just thick smoke for miles. We were told not to even go outside.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jbsbtrz wrote

Yeah and in addition to what other commentor said, last year 2022 Sept-Oct was basically TWO MONTHS of poor AQ too with some days being the worst AQ in the world as well. This 2020 photo is just one example of MANY years with BAD wildfire smoke air. 2018, 2017, 2015, 2013…. The list of years affected goes on…. I LOATHE wildfire season SO MUCH it truly is a hinge factor for me (aside from housing costs and mega dark minimal sun winters) for maybe not wanting to be here long term. For those of you here who aren’t aware, this is a very real problem and public health issue in WA/the US West. Breathing in PM2.5 fine particulates is extremely hazardous to your health. Smoke here makes you feel inflamed, fatigued, short of breath, eyes burn, coughing, cranky, sick…. Especially hard on asthma, elderly, children and pets. Businesses and schools close. It seeps in through every crack into your home. Air purifiers sell out. Really not good on many levels. Just FYI.


jrhoffa t1_jbrc46h wrote

This is an album cover.


JennELKAP t1_jbsp18w wrote

Yup. Got married 3 days later and I was so worried the view of the magical sunset from the expensive venue would be ruined with all the smoke. Instead the smoke cleared out and there was a big rain storm, no sunset, no view.


kgbslip t1_jbtoy0i wrote

I could have gone the rest of my life without being reminded of that. Strangely beautiful pic tho


NibbleOnNector t1_jbubuqk wrote

That whole week was hell on earth. Peak Covid, election ramping up, protests still going on. Really felt like the end times.


BreaghaGreenEyes t1_jbqtwwd wrote

I know it's bad, but I miss that smell. It reminds me of home, Eastern Washington. Whenever I go back, it starts getting smokey about Leavenworth. As soon as I smell that distict smell, I know I'm home.


monkey_trumpets t1_jbqzgre wrote


BreaghaGreenEyes t1_jc0t9oa wrote

Lol get over yourself. I said it makes me think of home not that I enjoy it. Half my hometown burned down a couple years ago. Kick rocks.


BreaghaGreenEyes t1_jc0texv wrote

People like you are the reason people on the coast hate East siders. roll eyes Thanks for reminding me why I deleted Reddit lol


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jbsc2gz wrote

…..dude. This smell is traumatizing for how long we have to live with it, choking on it. No.


BreaghaGreenEyes t1_jc0sr4b wrote

I agree! It's just a smell I associate with home. I don't want to say exactly where I lived, but right in the middle of it. I have many friends and family members who lost animals, homes, and one ever lost her baby in the fires.


GooseSharkk t1_jbrusw5 wrote

i was very confused on why we didn’t get smogust this year?? was it just spokane thay escaped the smoke or was it universal in WA?


781nnylasil t1_jbrxogb wrote

Western Washington didn’t get out either, only very briefly in September and it wasn’t bad at all. What a blessing! Hope it continues this year.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jbsc781 wrote

….what…?? 2022 Sept- Oct was smoky for nearly two whole months….. !!?? And in Seattle we had days where it was the worst AQ in the world… where were you??


flipfreakingheck t1_jbt141p wrote

Eastern WA barely got hit with smoke season last year. It was delightful.


someguy_358 t1_jbs3d7m wrote

I know this is smog and stuff, but that looks sick.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jbsc0jc wrote

No it doesn’t at all. It’s like flashbacks and loathing of wildfire season and how this makes you feel like complete garbage. So unhealthy. This is a reminder of how truly bad it gets. It’s not “smog.” It’s multiple wildfires burning in our region and up and down the west coast.


someguy_358 t1_jbv1pbm wrote

I understand that this is caused by wildfires and it was hard to deal with which is why I mentioned it in my earlier comment. I litterally experienced this first hand myself. My point is that the picture itself is visually appealing which most people would agree with.

Don't act like I'm being an asshole here, I fucking experienced this first hand too so stop acting like I don't understand what's going on here lol.


corruptedchick t1_jbrstm4 wrote

I moved to Seattle the day after the smoke cleared. I feel pretty lucky I missed one.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jbsc4kj wrote

Lol get ready it’s basically every year now. We’re you not here last year 2022?? It was bad smoky for like TWO MONTHS