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BurnaBitch666 t1_jbsc5oh wrote

Came here to say this. Glad they feel fancy while they kill much needed bills we've been fighting for


avitar35 t1_jbtc0zb wrote

Literally every bill introduced is “much needed” to someone. There were over 1000 bills introduced in JUST the House this session. It’s impossible to get through them all in the 8 weeks before chamber of origin cutoff, and at the end of the day the majority party (and the speaker herself) decide what bills get through Rules and out to the floor. Even on the historic resurrection of the police pursuits bill in the Senate this week could only happen with the majority caucus being on board.


IdaMez OP t1_jbtt09r wrote

Are you all struggling with this year’s legislation to establish a state dinosaur, too?


avitar35 t1_jbtzidh wrote

No people love stuff like that so it enjoys widespread bipartisan support.


BurnaBitch666 t1_jbwoglz wrote

Okay I'll give you that. I might disagree because I'm really pained by how much we've worked to get things through that were already stripped beyond measure but I do wonder why you're arguing me if you're actually connected to trying to get important bills through. And it's legitimately bs that they walk in fancy floors while they harm people. It's silly


avitar35 t1_jbxw5fi wrote

I’m simply offering an explanation of the reality. No arguing here, not worth it and doesn’t do shit. However, not a single person there is trying to harm people, everyone wants betterment of society for people and there are just different approaches to that. If you really feel some type of way then run, win, and be the difference you want to see there.