Submitted by shq13 t3_11s7f8l in Washington

I want to tow a car 60 miles. I'm in king county and the car is in lewis county. I still have to go there in person so U-Haul isn't out of the question. But is there a cheaper option that's Less risky? Only thing I've ever towed was a ping pong table :p. If anyone knows one where I wouldn't have to pay above 100 for 60 miles let me know.



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SolitaryFika t1_jcc7nao wrote

Get a AAA membership? The Plus membership level would allow you to get towed up to 100 miles 4x a year. It costs around $100, but it would be good for the year.


DerekL1963 t1_jccchlp wrote

They'll tow most anywhere in the radius... But the radius is sharply limited (10 miles I think?) during (IIRC) the first 30 days of your membership.


Rocketgirl8097 t1_jcc81ce wrote

I think that tow only goes to nearest repair facility though.


12thMemory t1_jccfky3 wrote

I just had AAA tow two cars directly to my house last weekend. In fact, every time I have had them tow a vehicle, it has always been directly to my house.


Rocketgirl8097 t1_jcckrlh wrote

Yeah I've done it but I was broken down in my own town.


12thMemory t1_jccrgf5 wrote

Mine have always been a few cities away. At the end of the day, I am paying for a service and they don’t really care how I am using the service, as long as I don’t abuse it.


SolitaryFika t1_jcc93le wrote

Ah. Never used it. I had the understanding it was more flexible, especially in getting cars closer to your home.


Rocketgirl8097 t1_jccaeol wrote

I currently have AAA and fortunately have not had to use it much. It could get you closer to your home but if there's a place to repair in between that's where they'll take you. So I don't know if they would cover it at all for a car that is completely non functional. Fortunately my issues have mostly been dead batteries and they come out and give me a charge. Next step, battery store LOL.


AnonyMouseLeo t1_jccbols wrote

Have a friend with AAA that is willing to go with you. Some plans allow you to tow it where you want.

I used to have the RV/motorcycle plan which was pretty spendy and all my friends and family called me for free tows. I no longer have AAA 🙂


shq13 OP t1_jccmipf wrote

That's a good idea. My friend who has one is a minor, I think he uses his parents. I'm that situation would I still be able to use it?


non-member t1_jccaisi wrote

The only way you’re gonna tow that far for that cheap is on your own… or maybe if you have a friend with a trailer.

A tow dolly or flatbed trailer from uhaul will run about $45-$60 plus tax.

Towing one way, 60 miles, with something capable will likely use 4 gallons of diesel or 5 gallons of gas… for a cost of around $20…

It’s probably cheaper to have a friend drive it for you if it runs.


katcomesback t1_jcce03d wrote

AAA, I have roadside with my insurance, 15 miles free off the main road to wherever then you pay the rest. ask friends, they can ride with you and you pay the remaining 45 miles


anybodyiwant2be t1_jcci5gj wrote

If you have a friend/family with a pickup maybe rent a car trailer from Sunbelt and strap it down?


shq13 OP t1_jccmc1n wrote

Yeah that's what I was thinking, I could get a truck from U-Haul. I could ask friends but I'm not sure if they would be down for a 3 hour trip (if there is paperwork etc)


chilanvilla t1_jcct4m5 wrote

U-Haul or maybe even Home Depot have trailers and at least for U-Haul aren't usually that expensive, particular if you just want it a few hours.