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AdventureBum t1_jcygu0u wrote

I believe it. I’m almost 42 and every time I go buy weed I’m carded twice. Once at the door and again when I actually purchase it.


elmatador12 t1_jcyijhf wrote

Yeah I’m of similar age and I’ve bought alcohol many times without ever being carded. Cannabis shops I’m carded twice no matter what.


non-member t1_jd2znmz wrote

Yep… We shop at the same store all the time, they know us by name, and we still get carded twice “for the cameras”.

Haven’t been carded for liquor in many years.


thesequimkid t1_jcyoxk1 wrote

It’s almost like they have a lot to lose if they don’t comply with regulations of our state? Imagine that.


istrebitjel t1_jczsysk wrote

I used to work for a local drug store chain before it was bought by Rite Aid. One thing that got you fired immediately from a store was a violation of tobacco or liquor laws. The reason for this were regular sting operations by the LCB (minors trying to buy), paired with stiff repercussions.


thesequimkid t1_jczuoph wrote

I know. I used to work retail as well. Anytime I suspected anyone being drunk, underage, or anything that could potentially get myself or the store in trouble I immediately denied sale. A few times I had to have a manager come and back me up because the customer got a little rowdy. One of my favorites was a guy came in at like 1:30AM went to the beer aisle and bought a six pack, I saw him walk in, heard him talking to himself. A couple of things that tipped me off that he was probably drunk was: how he was walking, and while talking to himself he slurred a few words. I immediately denied sale when he got to the register. I called the night manager over and he backed me up on it, and we both agreed we could even smell alcohol from him.


KittenKoder t1_jcyx3oa wrote

The ones in my area have an actual "staging area" to check IDs, and they're very fucking strict on that. You can't actually be near the merchandise until you show ID and there's a glass pane keeping you in that staging area until they see that ID.

I'm 49 and still get carded, my 80 year old neighbor gets carded. Neither of us mind, we just talk about random shit a lot when smoking outside.


mamap31 t1_jcypptk wrote

Don’t want to mess up a good thing!


Ozzimo t1_jcyvugx wrote

I think we call this "good news" right?


ith-man t1_jcylz0u wrote

Love to hear it.


SourDoughJACK97 t1_jcyx73k wrote

I’m near a dispensary that will take credit/debit cards (in a sense), which is the only time I’ve ever seen a dispensary do anything remotely “below board”. They treat the transaction as an ATM withdrawal first, so only multiples of $20. For instance, if the total cost was $50, they would charge your card $60 and give you $10 back.


AdventureBum t1_jcz1fg6 wrote

That’s not really “below board”. It’s not against the law to take a card for a weed transaction, the problem is that all the banks that issue credit cards are federally insured and refuse to service pot shops because it’s still illegal federally.


ReticentSentiment t1_jd1gu2h wrote

This is too bad and really needs to change. Forcing weed shops to be cash businesses makes them consistent targets for violent crime. People have died in robberies.


DmnJuice t1_jd00q15 wrote

Yeah, they’re not allowed to do card transactions so their only option is an ATM transaction. You’re not buying with your card you’re using their portable ATM machine and then purchasing using the cash.


whatdoblindpeoplesee t1_jd0430d wrote

I went to a store in downtown Bellevue in 2015 that took debit and converted the funds to crypto before converting back to fiat.


throwaway43234235234 t1_jczo0om wrote

Good job everyone.

If they forget to ask, just make a show of it for the camera.
I know the clerks always appreciate it.

As an 18yr old, one of my first jobs, I was working a stocking position at a local grocery store when I went up to help register once during a busy rush. A bearded teenager who looked mid 20's came in to buy cigarettes. 15 minutes later he returned w/ the vice cop who sent him, and I was let go. Was just trying to pay my bills and got sloppy in a busy rush, I know it's my fault, but it was so frustrating and demoralizing at that age.


MontyPorygon t1_jd0bc53 wrote

Well yeah, theres consequences. A bar serves someone improperly, the bartender goes down for it, the bar gets a slap on the wrist fine/no sell for 2 weeks and life goes. One bad sale and the whole thing blows up for dispos.


Kickstand8604 t1_jd0gv6i wrote

Thats because the state has more 15 year olds on the payroll targeting the weed shops. Most of the liquor stores are the old state run stores with the same people.


xcasandraXspenderx t1_jd0qeph wrote

every place i’ve ever been to to get weed in WA was very professional. They check my ID at least once, usually twice and most of them have those little machine things that reads it for then


Merfkin t1_jd0hnda wrote

Makes sense, it's a new, legally gray industry, they're not wanting to get the hammer cause they know they will the second they step out of line.


sarahjustme t1_jd0xia8 wrote

I live in an area with no municipalities that allow cannabis sales because "that's not the type of business we want", and I'm totally confused by that concept.


HelenAngel t1_jd13knm wrote

They don’t like money & want people with chronic pain to suffer. Gleefully watching humans suffer is their form of entertainment.


_redacteduser t1_jd25yw7 wrote

The one by my house is top shelf all around. Closest liquor store… eh, sketchy at best.