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SourDoughJACK97 t1_jcyx73k wrote

I’m near a dispensary that will take credit/debit cards (in a sense), which is the only time I’ve ever seen a dispensary do anything remotely “below board”. They treat the transaction as an ATM withdrawal first, so only multiples of $20. For instance, if the total cost was $50, they would charge your card $60 and give you $10 back.


AdventureBum t1_jcz1fg6 wrote

That’s not really “below board”. It’s not against the law to take a card for a weed transaction, the problem is that all the banks that issue credit cards are federally insured and refuse to service pot shops because it’s still illegal federally.


ReticentSentiment t1_jd1gu2h wrote

This is too bad and really needs to change. Forcing weed shops to be cash businesses makes them consistent targets for violent crime. People have died in robberies.


DmnJuice t1_jd00q15 wrote

Yeah, they’re not allowed to do card transactions so their only option is an ATM transaction. You’re not buying with your card you’re using their portable ATM machine and then purchasing using the cash.


whatdoblindpeoplesee t1_jd0430d wrote

I went to a store in downtown Bellevue in 2015 that took debit and converted the funds to crypto before converting back to fiat.