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doberdevil t1_jdcyik6 wrote

This building is still there!


oldladyleeba t1_jdd9iqx wrote

Yes! And the barber shop is a salon. Never thought I’d see good old K-town on this sub


boing757 t1_jddarxz wrote

I thought that it would probably be a weed store by now.


SereneDreams03 t1_jddt7eq wrote

Really, where is it at? It looks vaguely familiar, but I can't quite place it.


lurker-1969 t1_jddiw4l wrote

Grew up in Bothell starting in 1955. Does anybody here remember Bob's Fried Chicken with the huge tent awning with the fire pit right there in Kenmore?


poppinwheelies t1_jde7aq2 wrote

No but I do remember the drive-in theater in Kenmore. Saw Superman there! 🤣


lurker-1969 t1_jdf9jf4 wrote

The Kenmore Drive In. There were some "firsts" there for me as a teen. I remember Jaws playing. The lineup to get in spilled out to Bothell Way for every showing. Sometimes you would miss one and have to see the next.


youretheschmoopy t1_jder7wc wrote

I used to love the paintball shop there 25 years ago!


Fretboardsurfer t1_jdeu28j wrote

I don’t go back this far but I will say that I miss Spock’s Video.


l00koverthere1 t1_jdewnzs wrote

That TV shop looks like where you'd go to buy exotic magazines. For some reason, the half window is sketchier than the one with drapes.


h0T_-DoG t1_jdgb3ck wrote

Wasn’t expecting to see my home town here today


AntiGravBounce11 t1_jdhfk2a wrote

At one point in the late 90s/early 2000s there was a paintball shop there. Got my first equipment there.