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Unique_Engineering_3 t1_jdprye5 wrote

> Sure, you can count all resident to make it look like the tax affects fewer people, but children don't pay taxes. Fewer than 1/2 of the citizens are taxpayers. Assuming that 7,000,000 state residents are taxpayers is absurd. It's probably closer to 3,000,000 taxpaying citizens.

> So, it really closer to 0.2% of taxpayers will pay the cap gains tax with it at $250K, and it would have been closer to 2% of taxpayers if it was at 25/50K. If it gets lowered to 15K, 4% of taxpayers.

That’s impressive, you just mentally pretzeled yourself into thinking instead of everybody and their dog but not the kids is going to be paying this tax!

I’m not even mad, that’s just damned impressive!