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Unique_Engineering_3 t1_jdxslyy wrote

> If you think Oregon has it right than you're not being very realistic. Oregon had so much potential and it's completely wasted because of implementing lots of bad ideas on top of bad management. It went from being a destination state to being a exodus state.

Oh no! They’re not kidding the butts of the wealthy enough! They ran to Washington! Boo hoo! 😭

Oh wait… I don’t care.

In the laboratory of real life the wealthy determine that WA had lower tax exposure than OR according to your post.

If WA because less off a tax haven for the wealthy and the decide to move again…

I. Do. Not. Care.

> I have nothing against income tax if all other states implement one. Otherwise it's just much too simple for those actually paying majority of these taxes to move to a no income tax state.

I agree. All income tax, including capital gains and wages at the same rate and no sales tax for all US citizens.

Not a U.S. citizen? No sales tax exemption.