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onlyinyaks t1_jdyw4ud wrote

I’m from Yakima.. making 25$ an hour is kinda rare here unless you’ve been with 1 company for awhile & got some good raises. To me, being a visual therapist would be consider a badass job & one worth living comfortably. But to think, being a visual therapist & making 25$ an hour in Lynwood would only get someone a studio apartment and 300$ for food is actually kind of crazy.

I envy living in a nicer area, but don’t envy having a good job yet being towards the bottom of middle class society in your community.


Librekrieger t1_jdyyevj wrote

Well, it would buy a studio, food, and about $1800 a month extra after taxes... it's a matter of what else a person needs besides food. If health care were free, it'd be a comfortable life and would probably include a car. But as we know, health care is far from free, in Lynnwood or in Yakima.