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BeKindDontBlind OP t1_jeabvkt wrote

I was trying to be vague on purpose, that is why I used Salish Sea.


etcpt t1_jeagzu0 wrote

That's fine, I have no problem with that. But y'all are jumping all over me for adding some geographic detail to your less-vague comment (specifying MA 6) as though I'm some colonialist monster. Friend, I've got news for you - the "Salish Sea" is not the original native name for these waters. It was coined in the late '80s by a WWU professor, using a term concocted by linguists from the name of a native people who live hundreds of miles away in present-day Montana, to express that the areas called "Strait of Juan de Fuca", "Strait of Georgia", and "Puget Sound" are all interconnected and should be thought of as one combined ecosystem in an inland sea. Just because someone wants a little geographical distinction in an area encompassing nearly 7,000 square miles, how about not assuming that they're a colonialist "a-hole"?


BeKindDontBlind OP t1_jeahgx4 wrote

I didn't jump on that wagon. I knew it was new, and even we agreed with Canada to call it that. I just think it's kinda cool, and where I found it isn't easily accessible to the public, and I didn't want to encourage any beach combers. Plus, I am kinda of an asshole and I worry about people knowing where I live. Lol. I was surprised to wake up to that argument today.