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wholesomedumbass2 OP t1_ismk2gm wrote

I found the picture on this article. The caption reads:

> With Washington facing several fire incidents, a Type 1 team from Oregon is headed to the Nakia Creek Fire in Clark Co, Wa. 9 mi N of Washougal. (WA DNR / )


Risen_Insanity t1_isn20bw wrote

"I don't want to set the world on fire"


StochasticTinkr t1_isokx0x wrote

The Children of Atom have a settlement just beyond that hill.


CaliSunSuccs t1_isn4fiw wrote

Don't they know it's the end of the world?


Jamieobda t1_ispdlb5 wrote

The irony is that some of these folks in rural areas are decidedly anti government conservatives, until they need help from socialized fire fighters.


ConstantlySucculent t1_isofg79 wrote

Man I love fallout, been playing it again recently cause I felt like it.


gr8dude1166 t1_ispl068 wrote

Patrolling the Yakama desert almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter


playfulmessenger t1_isoeq07 wrote

I keep wondering if humans were still a nomadic species, would anyone still be here.

But there’s nowhere to go. North, South, East, offshore, smoke from everywhere is converging in our convergence zone.

Seriously though, I hope everyone who needs one has air purifiers and adequate replacement filters.


Mansquatchie t1_isp90ny wrote

You're about the be ambushed by a deathclaw


DangerousMusic14 t1_isqdxnv wrote

Terrifying. Not raining and so warm is too along with dying salmon spawn in BC and 80% loss in snow crab population.


noodlebucket t1_isoq8ex wrote

I see posts like this a lot - comparing real life to a video game. As someone that has never played a video game (except Mario cart when I was a child), can someone explain the significance of this? Why is it meaningful to people? At least, meaningful enough to write a post about it, and have others say the same.


wholesomedumbass2 OP t1_isoxud8 wrote

I thought that the picture looks uncanny as it looks almost identical to the landscape inside Fallout 4. One of the Fallout series' theme is about the destruction of the environment and what we are experiencing is similar.


noodlebucket t1_isp0s3g wrote

It's kind of like how others view art. The power of art is how it reflects back to us our reality. Though this is a more literal interpretation.


archaemes t1_ispfouc wrote

I think such comparisons help people to relate the experience to one another, since some haven’t experienced fires.